Chalice of Conquest Quest

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Start Zone: Butcherblock Mountains
Quest Giver: Dru Razbind
Minimum Level: 35
Classes: Paladin
Races Dwarf
Related Zones: North Kaladim, The Greater Faydark, The Lesser Faydark, Rathe Mountains, Lake Rathetear, Halas, Misty Thicket, Dagnor's Cauldron
Related Creatures: Priestess Ghalea, A Fairy Guard, A Fairy Duchess, A Fairie Royal Guard, A Fairie Noble, A Fairie Coutier, A Faerie Maiden, Feyana Lightwing, A Faerie, Nicholas, Unkempt Preserver, Dok, A Bixie Drone, A Bixie, An Exiled Legionnaire, Ghilanbiddle Nylwadil, Captain Klunga
Items Required Chalice Case - empty given, Fairy Dust x4, Soil of Underfoot given, Stem of Candlestick, Klunga's Bracelet, Abandoned Orc Shovel ground spawn, Foot of Candlestick, Honeycomb , Candle of Bravery given, Bloodstained Note, 100 Gold Pieces, Chalice of Conquest, Cape of Underfoot
Faction Clerics of Underfoot positive, Kazon Stormhammer positive, Miners Guild 249 positive, Guardians of the Vale positive, Faerie negative, Stone Hive Bixies negative, Merchants of Halas positive, Wolves of the North positive, Shaman of Justice positive, Crusbone Orcs negative , Indigo Brotherhood negative, Emerald Warriors positive , Faydark's Champions positive, Storm Guard positive, Clerics of Underfoot positive, Kazon Stormhammer positive, Miners Guild 249 positive, Paladins of Underfoot positive, Veeshan positive


Holy Partisan of Underfoot, Faction, XP

General Thoughts Regarding Quest

To start this quest, you need amiable faction with the Palidins of Underfoot. Only Dwarf Paladins enter the game with sufficient faction to get the quest, as there is no known way to raise it. This is a faction heavy quest.


Speak with Dru Razbind in Butcherblock Mountains

Dru Razbind is found on the around the north side of the docks in Butcherblock Mountains at location 1606, 2979, 1.

You say, 'Hail Dru Razbind'

Dru Razbind says, 'Greetings, my friend. What brings you so far from the trodden path? I hope you do not plan on stealing my [fishing spot].'

You say, 'This is your fishing spot?'

Dru Razbind says, 'I need this spot!! I fish to feed my growling tummy. I can no longer [venture into Kaladim] and eat in its fine taverns.'

You say, 'Why can't you venture into Kaladim'

Dru Razbind says, 'I have been disgraced!! I used to be a respected paladin of the Church of Underfoot until I failed to complete a very [important task] for Lord Datur Nightseer. He stripped me of my Cape of Underfoot. I cannot walk the halls of Kaladim without my cape.'

You say, 'What important task?'

Dru Razbind says, 'I was ordered by Lord Nightseer to carry the [Chalice of Conquest] to a noble band of paladins in the mountains of Rathe. While there, the entire camp was overtaken by a band of orcs. During the battle there was a [strange occurrence].'

You say, 'What is the Chalice of Conquest'

Dru Razbind says, 'The Chalice of Conquest is said to have been delivered to the Church of Underfoot by Brell himself. It is said that whoever drinks from the chalice is assured victory in battle. It is also said that only good-natured creatures may safely drink from it and only a comatose state is assured to any evil creature who dares to sip from it.'

You say, 'What strange occurrence?'

Dru Razbind says, 'A large fray raged. Brave, valiant paladins fought vile, green-skinned orcs and while this happened, I spied the [Chalice of Conquest] being taken away from the camp. I was then distracted by a well placed orcish blade. After I defeated the orcs in my way, I turned to see a blue orc running toward the horizon. I gave chase to no avail. I lost the chalice and all respect. If only a [noble Paladin of Underfoot] would assist me...'

You say, 'I am a noble Paladin of Underfoot'

Dru Razbind says, 'Yes, you shall do, noble " .. e.other:GetName() .. ". Take this. This is the Chalice Case. It is intended for the Chalice of Conquest and the [Candle of Bravery]. If you should get both, be sure to place them within the Chalice Case and combine them. Take the full Chalice Case to Lord Nightseer in Kaladim and I shall be redeemed and you shall surely earn a fine paladin's reward. Let your quest begin in the mountains of Rathe.'

Receive Chalice Case - empty

You say, 'What Candle of Bravery?'

Dru Razbind says, 'The Candle of Bravery is ceremonial and is lit when one sips from the [Chalice of Conquest]. The candlestick was left with a fellow Paladin of Underfoot in the Rathe Mountains. The candle itself was lost and I do not know where Priestess Ghalea purchases them.'

Go to North Kaladim to Speak with Priestess Ghalea

Priestess Ghalea can be found in the Cleric Guild in North Kaladim at location 787, 134, 2.

You say, 'Hail, Priestess Ghalea'

Priestess Ghalea says, 'Welcome to the Church of Underfoot. Please open your soul to the greatness of Brell Serilis. May he guide you in all your future endeavors. And may your soles long for the [Soil of Underfoot]'

You say, 'What Soil of Underfoot?'

Priestess Ghalea says, 'I can trust you with the soil of Underfoot, but first you must obtain four portions of fairy dust. Return them to me and I shall mix it and pray over it. Then I shall give you a pouch of soil of Underfoot.'

Go to The Greater Faydark or The Lesser Faydark to Kill Fairies

Kill Fairies until you have looted Fairy Dust x4

You will take faction hits on Faerie negative faction and in order to gather the Fairy Dust. How much faction loss just depends on your luck.

Go to North Kaladim to Speak with Priestess Ghalea

Give Priestess Ghalea the Fairy Dust x4

Priestess Ghalea says, 'May the mighty power of Brell saturate this soil with his divinity. Here you are, my noble friend. You may have a pouch of the soil of Underfoot.'

Receive: Soil of Underfoot and faction Clerics of Underfoot positive, Kazon Stormhammer positive, Miners Guild 249 +positive

Speak to Nicholas at the Paladin Camp in the Rathe Mountains

Nicholas can be found the Paladin Camp on the Hill Giant Hill in Rathe Mountains near location 3070, -763, 111.

You say, 'Do you know of the Chalice of Conquest?'

Nicholas says, 'You must be the one Sir Dru of Kaladim sent to retrieve the candlestick which was broken in the [orc onslaught]. I have only this piece in my possession as the other portion was taken by an [odd druid] of these mountains. Should you reclaim it, I am sure the maker of the candlestick can patch it together.'

Receive: Stem of Candlestick

You say, 'What orc onslaught?'

Nicholas says, 'The orcs attempted to take the hill, as they do on a frequent basis. We repelled them, of course, but a [blue orc] rushed off with the [Chalice of Conquest]. Where he came from, I do not know. He was no part of the battle!! I believe he just found an opportune moment to loot our camp.'

You say, 'What blue orc?'

Nicholas says, 'I had a visiting ranger track him to his camp near Lake Rathetear. I spied the camp and saw his lifeless body near two other blue orcs. Apparently, he must have taken a fatal blow, but had enough stamina to make it to his camp. I returned the following day with my fellow paladins and found the camp long gone. The ranger, who was still with us, found two sets of tracks leading away. We found [orc remnants].'

You say, 'What orc remnants?'

Nicholas says, 'Here. We found this worthless orc bracelet with the name Klunga on it. There was also an orc shovel and a bag of Cauldron prawns. We left them, of course. The camp has now been taken over by the green-skinned orcs. I would advise you to stay clear of this camp in Lake Rathe.'

Receive: Klunga's Bracelet

You say, 'What Candle of Bravery?'

Nicholas says, 'You must be the one Sir Dru of Kaladim sent to retrieve the candlestick which was broken in the [orc onslaught]. I have only this piece in my possession as the other portion was taken by an [odd druid] of these mountains. Should you reclaim it, I am sure the maker of the candlestick can patch it together.'

You say, 'What odd druid?

Nicholas says, 'The mountains have been plagued not only by beasts, but by evil druids!! They attempt to force all men from this land. One has stolen the foot of the candlestick which holds the [Candle of Bravery]. I remember that battle cry of hers, 'Long live the green!!'

Go to Lake Rathetear to the Orc Camp

The orc camp is located roughly at 3500, -620, -28.1 in Lake Rathetear. You are going there to find an Abandoned Orc Shovel ground spawn located at the camp location.

Go to Rathe Mountains to Kill Unkempt Preservers

Now you are returning to Rathe Mountains. You are going to the find and Kill Unkempt Preservers (50205) at roughly 5021, 2227, -8 and will kill them until one drops a Foot of Candlestick. You will take faction hits to kill these. How much really depends on your luck.

Go to Halas and Speak with Dok

Dok can be found in Halas at location 212, 275, 4.

You say, 'Hail, Dok'

Dok says, 'Welcome to me shop. If ye're searchin' fer a [cigar], ye won't be findin' any, more's th' pity.'

You say, 'I am looking for a candle of bravery?'

I can make ye a Candle o' Bravery. I'll need th' candlestick, or pieces of it!! And I need a honeycomb. Oh!! And I need a pouch o' Underfoot soil as well.");

Go to Misty Thicket to Kill Bixies for Honeycombs

Honeycomb drops off of A Bixie and A Bixie Drone. Misty Thicket is where these will be most plentiful.

You will take faction hits. How much will depend on how lucky you are. Stone Hive Bixies negative faction, Guardians of the Vale positive faction.

Return to Halas and Speak with Dok

Give Dok the Soil of Underfoot, Foot of Candlestick, Honeycomb, and Stem of Candlestick

Dok says, 'Here is your Candle o' Bravery'

Receive: Faction Merchants of Halas positive, Wolves of the North positive, Shaman of Justice positive, XP, and a Candle of Bravery

Go to Dagnor's Cauldron to Kill Orcs

You are looking for the Orc Camp along the eastern wall of the Dagnor's Cauldron zone near the midpoint at roughly -769, -2143, 157. You are trying to kill An Exiled Legionnaire. You will need to kill orcs until he spawns. This will change faction as follows depending on how lucky you are on the spawn: Crusbone Orcs negative faction, Indigo Brotherhood negative faction, Emerald Warriors positive faction, Faydark's Champions positive faction, Storm Guard positive faction.

Kill An Exiled Legionnaire and loot the Bloodstained Note

Read the note to get clues on where to go next.

The note reads as follows:

Dis here is notice of Klungla death.

Klungla tried to redeem self by stealing cup for Crushbone
Kungla drink frum dwarf cup at lake and die. Cup bad.
We takes body bacak to Calldrin. We burns body in firepit.

We bury cup here. We kill Gnome caster here. He noes sumting. Den all good.

Find Ghilanbiddle Nylwadil in Dagnor's Cauldron

Ghilanbiddle Nylwadil is located at 413, 98, 74

You say, 'Do you know of the chalice of conquest?'

Ghilanbiddle Nylwadil says, 'Looking for the chalice, are you? Ha!! I don't know where it is, but I know a [lost soul] who does and he could lead you right to it. He had a taste of it and now he can't get enough. He is sort of under the weather, or do I mean under the ground? Ha!!'

You say, 'What lost soul?'

Ghilanbiddle Nylwadil says, 'The orc named Captain Klunga knows where it's buried. Unfortunately, his time on Norrath has passed. I happen to know two things... one, he is buried somewhere in this territory and two, I can [raise Klunga] and he can show you where the chalice is.'

You say, 'I wish to raise Klunga'

Ghilanbiddle Nylwadil says, 'I can raise Captain Klunga if I have a portion of his blood, an item he once owned and the most important part, 100 gold coins!! Hehe!! A gnome's got to make a living, you know?'

Give Ghilanbiddle Nylwadil 100 gold pieces, Klunga's Bracelet (12280), and the Bloodstained Note (18946)

Ghilanbiddle Nylwadil says, 'Biggily boo, biggily borc.. Raise that stinky orc!! Bamm!! Okay!! It's done. Now all you have to do is find him in the spot where his soul left him and give him an orc shovel. Oh!! I didn't mention that? Oh, well. I'm sure you can find one.. somewhere. Now, get lost before I turn you into a toad!'

Receive Faction

Return to the Orc Camp in Dagnor's Cauldron

Run back to the orc camp where you found the An Exiled Legionnaire (70001) . There you will find a skeleon named Captain Klunga.

Give Captain Klunga the Abandoned Orc Shovel. Follow Captain Klunga across the zone. He will track across the water to 800.25, -384.95, 74.13 - he swims so can be difficult to follow. It also helps to give him SOW, if you have it, because he moves much faster on his path if you do. You will find that he vanishes between the water and the hill. Just wait, he will appear if you give it time. A ground spawn will appear at his feet when he stops. Loot the Chalice of Conquest. Captain Klunga will then attack you. Kill him because a paladin would never run away from combat.

Return to North Kaladim to Speak with Datur Nighseer

Datur Nightseeris the Paladin Guidmaster and can be found at 1337, 132, 46 all the way in the back of the Paladin's Guild of North Kaladim

Combine the Candle of Braveryand the Chalice of Conquest in the Chalice Case - empty

Receive: Chalice Case

Give Datur Nightseer the Chalice Case

Datur Nightseer says, 'The Chalice is returned!! Praise be to Brell!! You have proven yourself to our church and have earned our respect. Let me welcome you into our brotherhood with the Cape of Underfoot. Wear it with pride as all of our finest paladins do.'

Receive XP, Faction Clerics of Underfoot positive, Kazon Stormhammer positive, Miners Guild 249 positive. & Cape of Underfoot

Speak with Dru Razbind in Butcherblock Mountains

Give Dru Razbind the Cape of Underfoot

Dru Razbind says, 'I thinak you, my friend. you are truly a great paladin and noble addition to our ranks. I now can walkin in Kaladim. Take this as a reward. It is the Holy Partisan of Underfoot. It is now yours. I believe it still has a couple of charges. Use it wisely as the only cleric able to recharge it was lost amid the lava filled lands of Antonica.'

Receive Faction Paladins of Underfoot positive, Kazon Stormhammer positive, Clerics of Underfoot positive, Veeshan positive, XP, & Holy Partisan of Underfoot