Dagnor's Cauldron

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A view of the nosebleed section.
Level of Monsters: 10-20
Types of Monsters: Scalded Rats, Cauldron Rats, Shoal Serpents, Sandbar Serpents, Undertow Skeletons, Orc Scouts, Aqua Goblins, Aqua Goblin Mariners, Aqua Goblin Shamans, Aqua Goblin Bosuns, Aqua Goblin Tidal Lords
Notable NPC's: Gundalthur Izuran, Barnacle Bones, Flotsam, Jetsam, Squallslither, Conium Darkblade, Dwigus Lowater, Bilge Farfathom, Exiled Legionnaire, Jinalis Andir, Llara, Captain Klunga
Adjacent Zones: Butcherblock Mountains, The Estate of Unrest, Kedge Keep
Name in /who: cauldron


Map cauldron.jpg
  • 1. Friendly NPC Camp and Healing
  • 2. Thief NPC selling Poison
  • 3. Dwarven Stone Marker
  • 4. Orc Scout Camp
  • 5. Aqua Goblin Camp
  • 6. Kedge Keep

Safe/Evac Spot

Gorge to Butcherblock (2815, 320)

entrance to The Estate of Unrest (-1709, -689, 79)


Dagnor's Cauldron is a pretty sparse and out of the way area. There are plenty of mobs here to kill you while this is not the easiest run to recover your corpse should you die.

Drowning is an issue here as the lake is deep and if you are not paying attention you will run out of air. The entrance to Kedge Keep is under water (#6 on the map) and can make you lose half your air before you get into that zone. You will want to make sure that you buff up with water breathing or put on any water breathing items before you go for a swim.

Since most people running through have some sort of movement speed increase taking damage from falling is a real issue. Levitation is suggested when running through.


There are hardly any real benefits to this zone. There is a would be guard camp on the NW edge of the lake. There is a poison maker that you can get poisons from.

Traveling To and From

Butcherblock Mountains is the only way to get to this zone. The entrance is along the southern wall in Butcherblock Mountains.

Once you are in Dagnor's Cauldron you can go to either The Estate of Unrest or Kedge Keep. These are both dungeons and the only way out is back through Butcherblock Mountains.

Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide

In the rough land south of the Butcherblock Mountains, the water in the strange lake known as Dagnor's Cauldron is always slightly warmer than the surrounding air. Adventurous folk may find Kedge Keep, a city built by Prexus' creation, at its bottom. Rumors that the mysterious kedge still live there circulate again when someone talks about seeing magic lights appearing deep in the murky waters. Meanwhile, aqua goblins prey on anyone who comes into their territory.

Dagnor's Cauldron is as barren as one could expect. There is hardly anything of interest here and it seems that it is only a connection area between Butcherblock Mountains and Kedge Keep / The Estate of Unrest.

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