Froglok Tadpole Fleshies Quest

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Start Zone: Oggok
Quest Giver: Zulort
Minimum Level: 1
Classes: Shaman
Races Barbarian, Ogre
Related Zones: Innothule Swamp, The Feerrott
Related Creatures: A Froklok Tad
Items Required Froglok Tadpole Flesh x4
Faction Shamen of War positive


XP, Faction Shamen of War positive, and Spell: Burst of Flame

General Thoughts Regarding Quest


Speak with Zulort of Oggok

Zulort is located in the Oggok Shaman Guild at location 645, 986, 81.

You say, 'Hail, Zulort'

Zulort says 'Um, you. Hi... You Shaman of War now, right? You gotta learns war and war spells. We fights all and makes the Warlord likes us. You [gonna help] or me gonna feed you fat stoopid boddie to doggies.'

You say, 'gonna help'

Zulort says 'Good. Warlord need many boddie... I means Shamans of War... to kill and gets killed... no, ummm... kill and smoosh for Him and makes Him happy. You goes show me you can smoosh tings good. Gets me four froglok tadpole fleshies for me to munchings on and me be happy... um, He, the Warlord be so berry happy. Helping our tuff friends de Greenbloods but be watching for dem scummy Crakneks, dumb ogres dey is. No good, no our friends. Go now. Me... er... he waiting and hungry.'

Kill Froglok Tads in Innothule Swamp or The Feerrott

Kill A Froklok Tad for Froglok Tadpole Flesh. A Froklok Tad can be found in Innothule Swamp and The Feerrott. Kill until you have Froglok Tadpole Flesh x4.

Speak with Zulort of Oggok

Give Zulort the Froglok Tadpole Flesh x4

Zulort says 'Oh, me... um... Warlord BERRY happy. Berry like dese. Gimme. Uh, why is you still here? Take dis and gets more kills. You learning good, come sees me, I teaches you bout stuff. Make you [bedder shaman]. Go. He and me watching.'

Receive: XP, Faction Shamen of War positive, and Spell: Burst of Flame.