HEHE Meat Quest

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Start Zone: Grobb
Quest Giver: Carver Cagrek
Minimum Level: 20
Classes: Bard, Cleric, Druid, Enchanter, Magician, Monk, Necromancer, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Shadowknight, Shaman, Warrior, Wizard
Races Barbarian, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Erudite, Gnome, Half-Elf, Halfling, High Elf, Human, Ogre, Troll, Wood Elf
Related Zones: Oggok, Innothule Swamp, Neriak - Foreign Quarter, Ocean of Tears, Neriak - Commons
Related Creatures: Chef Dooga, Tal Godin, Grynn Marthank, Peltin Funter, Tann Cellus, Zepin Winsle, Fandl Arathin, Hogus Durmas, Jars Legola, Jyle Windstorm, Sylp Tyanathin, The Gobbler, Nerbilik, Niz L`Crit Pungla
Items Required Erudite Meat x4, Human Flesh x4, High Elf Flesh x4, Preserved Leg, Ogre Butcher Gloves, Grub Locker, Tattered Recipe, 9 Gold, Flaming Pungla, HEHE Meat x3
Faction DaBashers positive, Broken Skull Clan negative


XP, faction DaBashers positive, Broken Skull Clan negative, a small amount of coin, and the Grobb Cleaver

General Thoughts Regarding Quest

You can skip the crafting portion of this quest by purchasing HEHE Meat from Chef Dooga in Oggok. The classic version of this quest, however is beleived to have included a craftable HEHE Meat element.


Speak with Carver Cagrek in Grobb

Carver Cagrek is located in the roasting pit in Grobb at location 379, -456, 9.

You say, 'Hail, Carver Cagrek'

Carver Cagrek says 'Away from carver Cagrek you get!! Me's a busy troll. Must punish enmees of Grobb and feeds trolls a plenty. Dey says dey hears ogres have special meat which taste better den pris'ners of Grobb. Do you knows name of meat? What kinda [meat] dat be? Tell me!!'

You say, 'HEHE meat'

Carver Cagrek says 'HEHE meat!! What dat stand for? Mes need some of dis HEHE meat!! Gos and get me some. Cagrek not just want some. Cagrek want more dan twenny!! Cagrek want three HEHE meat and mes want HEHE recipe. Youg et and me makes Name honeraree carver. Me gives you Grobb Cleaver. It cut skins like dey butter!!'

Find Chef Dooga in Oggok

Chef Dooga can be found in Oggok in the Meet and Drink Tew Bie at location 191, -251, 3.

You say, 'Hail, Chef Dooga'

Chef Dooga says 'Welcome you, name. You look all skin 'n bones. Eat you must do. Chef Dooga can fix up goodies for you. Try [HEHE meat].'

You say, 'What is HEHE meat?'

Chef Dooga says 'It is a secret ground meat made with high elf, human, and Erudite Flesh. Mmmm. It good stuff. Dooga make it and [the Gobbler] make it. If you find any of those meats in the swamps bring to me and I pay you.'

Chef Dooga actually sells HEHE Meat. You don't have to learn how to make it on your own. Buy some now if you wish to avoid baking.

Go to the Innothule Swamp to Harvest Human Flesh, High Elf Flesh, and Erudite Flesh

There are several humanoids in the Innothule Swamp from which you can harvest your food items. They all spawn in the vicinity of -1461, 53, -19 and walk to the north after a short pause. You will need to collect several of each type of meat if you intend to smoke your own HEHE meat later. You'll want at least 4 of each if you will also be doing the faction turn in for the next step.

Tal Godin will drop Erudite Meat. Grynn Marthank, Peltin Funter, Tann Cellus and Zepin Winsle all can drop Human Flesh. Fandl Arathin, Hogus Durmas, Jars Legola, Jyle Windstorm, and Sylp Tyanathin drop High Elf Flesh

Find Chef Dooga in Oggok

This next part with the humanoid meat turn in, seems optional, but may be necessary depending on your starting faction.

Give Chef Dooga Human Flesh.

Chef Dooga says 'MmmmMmm. Human make good meat pies. Here. A little coins for you.'

Receive XP, Faction Clurg positive, Cranknek Warriors positive, Green Blood Knights positive, Oggok Guards positive, Kazon Stormhammer negative, and a small amount of coin.

Give Chef Dooga [[High Elf Flesh].

Chef Dooga says 'High elf!! Now that is a good meat. Goes good with Ogre Swill.'

Receive XP, Faction Clurg positive, Cranknek Warriors positive, Green Blood Knights positive, Oggok Guards positive, Kazon Stormhammer negative, and a small amount of coin.

Give Chef Dooga Erudite Meat

Chef Dooga says 'Erudite meat! Dooga always liked the dark meat.'

Receive XP, Faction Clurg positive, Cranknek Warriors positive, Green Blood Knights positive, Oggok Guards positive, Kazon Stormhammer negative, and a small amount of coin.

You say, 'Who is the Gobbler?'

Chef Dooga says 'You no hear of the Gobbler!! Him great butcher. Have all kinds of meat. Him am low on froglok legs. Dooga supply him. Dooga need someone to [deliver froglok legs].'

You say 'I will deliver froglok legs'

Chef Dooga says 'You think so!! That be good thing. Make the Gobbler happy. Maybe he give you something good. Maybe not. you take this. Deliver meat.'

Receive Preserved Leg.

Find The Gobbler in Neriak - Foreign Quarter

The Gobbler can be found in [{Neriak - Foreign Quarter]] in the Bites and Pieces at location -329, -113, 7.

You say, 'Hail, The Gobbler'

The Gobbler says 'Meat!! You need meat. Me gots meat!! High elf meat, dwarf meat, human meat, [HEHE meat], [froggy legs]. Me got a lot.'

You say, 'What is HEHE meat?'

The Gobbler says 'HEHE meat? It human, Erudite 'n high elf, mashed together. Mmmm. Very tasty!'

You say, 'What froggy legs?'

The Gobbler says 'Froggy legs come from far away. Me get from friend, [Chef Dooga]. It not tasty. Trolls like it. Eat it up much. They eat too much froggy. Me glad [Nerbilik] leave Neriak!! He eat way too much froggy.'

You say, 'Who is Chef Dooga?'

The Gobbler says 'Friend in Oggok is Chef Dooga. Chef she is. Used to work in Neriak. She beautiful. She supply the Gobbler with [froglok legs]. They very low now. Fat trolls eat too many!! Me need to [pick up] froglok legs.'

You say, 'I will pick up froglok legs.'

The Gobbler says 'That good news. Oggok far away. Me got no time to go. If you go speak to Chef Dooga, say you pick up froglok legs. You bring back and me give you coin, maybe even something good.'

Give The Gobbler the Preserved Leg

The Gobbler says 'Uggh!! Froglok legs!! Me hate smelly legs, but me need it for fat trolls.'

Receive XP, Faction Neriak Ogre positive, a small amount of coin, and Ogre Butcher Gloves.

You say, 'Who is Nerbilik?'

The Gobbler says 'Big and fat troll Nerbilik is. He leave to fish in tearsy ocean. Me promised to deliver him food or he come bak. The Gobbler needs some dumb person to [deliver grub locker] to Nerbilik.'

You say, 'I will deliver grub locker.'

The Gobbler says 'Good. Me wrap order of dwarf pickles in.. HEY!! Me out of special wrapping paper!! Hmm.. Here. Me use dis. Now, <..click.. Locks grub locker> Here. You take to Nerbilik in tearsy ocean and he pay you. No think of opening locker. Only Nerbilik has key.'

Receive a Grub Locker.

Find Nerbilik in Ocean of Tears

Nerbilik can be found in Ocean of Tears on an island near location 760, 8712, 4.

You say, 'Hail, Nerbilik'

Nerbilik says 'What you want?!! Face so ugly you scare fish away!! ..sniff, sniff. Smell so bad, too!! Me sure is hungry. Wish had [grub locker].'

You say, 'What grub locker?'

Nerbilik says 'You gots grub locker!! Give to me. Me sick of fish and not many dwarves fall off ship. Me pay a plat to get me grub locker from the Gobbler in Neriak. Go to him and say you [deliver grub locker] if you wants one plat.

Give Nerbilik the Grub Locker.

Nerbilik says 'Oooh!! Grub locker!' There is a loud click. He opens the locker and unwraps dwarf pickles. 'What this dumb wrapper? R, E, C, I, P, E.. Ahh!! It say pickles!! Me read good. Here your plat. Me give you little more. Me was very hungry for pickles.'

Receive XP, Faction DaBashers positive, Broken Skull Clan and a small amount of coin.

You say, 'Give me the wrapper.'

Nerbilik says 'You no get my wrapper!! Me use it later when me needs to make more room in stomach!! You never get it!!'

Kill Nerbilik. When you attack ...

Nerbilik says 'I shall pluck you limb from limb!!'

When you kill Nerbilik.

Nerbilik's corpse says 'Curse you!! Da bashers will have yer head.'

Receive XP, Faction DaBashers negative, Broken Skull Clan positive, and loot a Tattered Recipe which reads:


Optional - Make HEHE Meat in Neriak

You could have purchased HEHE Meat from Chef Dooga in Oggok, but that doesn't make sense with all the work you took to get the Tattered Recipe. If you decided to roll play the quest, make up some HEHE Meat as follows.

Find Niz L`Crit in the Refined Palate in Neiak - Commons at location 77, -883. -52.

Purchase a Spit from him if you don't already own one.

Find Pungla in the ogre bar across from The Gobbler's shop within Neriak- Foreign Quarter at location -348, -340, 3.

You say, 'Hail Pungla.'

Pungla says, 'Welcome! Drink you shall, some of de finest drinks of da lands! [Flaming Pungla] I suggest to you. It all me sells.

You say, 'I will have a Flaming Pungla.'

Pungla says, 'Greatest drink and Plunga's creation. Buy one you should. Dey so gud me gots da charge t'ree golds.

Give Pungla 3 Gold

Receive a Flaming Pungla.

Repeat the purchase this at least three times.

In your Spit combine Flaming Pungla, High Elf Flesh, Human Flesh, and Erudite Meat. This recipe is trivial at 65 baking.

Receive HEHE Meat. Repeat this three times for the quest turn in.

Speak with Carver Cagrek in Grobb

Give Carver Cagrek the HEHE Meat x3 and the Tattered Recipe.

Carver Cagrek says 'Finally! What takes yous so long? Now carver Cagrek try and makes meat and feeds to trolls. Yous getting to be deputy carver. Mes give you a Grobb cleaver! Make strong and smarts on you it will. Just like carver Cagrek.'

Receive, XP, faction DaBashers positive, Broken Skull Clan negative, a small amount of coin, and the Grobb Cleaver.