Magic Elixir for the Warriors Quest

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Start Zone: Halas
Quest Giver: Dargon McPherson
Minimum Level: 1
Classes: Bard, Cleric, Druid, Enchanter, Magician, Monk, Necromancer, Paladin, Shadowknight, Shaman, Warrior, Wizard
Races Barbarian, Dwarf, Halfling, High Elf, Wood Elf, Dark Elf, Ogre, Troll, Erudite, Gnome, Half Elf, Human
Related Zones: Everfrost Peaks
Related Creatures: Talin O`Donal, Bryndin McMill, Arnis McLish, Snowflake, Megan OReilly
Items Required Full Bottle of Elixir, One Quarter of Elixir, One Half of Elixir, Empty Bottle of Elixir
Faction Merchants of Halas positive, Wolves of the North positive, Shamen of Justice positive, Steel Warriors Positive


Random item, Faction, XP, Small amount of Coin

General Thoughts Regarding Quest


Speak with Dargon McPherson inside Pit of Doom in Halas

You can find Dargon McPherson in Halas inside the Pit of Doom.

You say, 'hail'

If you are at least amiable he will say...
Dargon McPherson says 'Hail, mighty $name! I assume ye must be a [warrior o' the Wolves]. Why else would ye approach a trainer such as meself, then?'

You say, 'the wolves'

If you are at least amiable he will say...
Dargon McPherson says 'Aye, 'tis as I thought. I'm glad t' see we've warriors such as yerself amongst the Wolves o' the North. Lately, Kylan's been allowing too many

scrawny warriors in, methinks. Nor have they fared well in Everfrrost. Many frreeze to death, ye know... Will ye assist me and [deliver an elixir] to young warriors in


You say, 'deliver an elixir'

Dargon McPherson says 'Ach, 'tis good o' ye! Take this bottle of elixir to Everfrost Peaks. Find Talin O'Donal. He'll take the first sip, and then instruct ye on who else ye need to find. Do that, and I'll give ye a fine reward when ye return the empty elixir bottle. Good luck, then. Don't die.'
You receive a Full Bottle of Elixir.

Find Talin O'Donal in Everfrost Peaks

Find Talin O'Donal at the Merchant Tents near the entrance to Halas'
Give Talin the Full Bottle of Elixir.'
Dok says 'Mmmm.. I feel much warmer. Thank you. You should now find Bryndin McMill. He could use a swig also. I saw him hanging around two other guards.'
You receive One Quarter of Elixir, Faction, XP

Go find Bryndin McMill near Snowflake at Loc (2035, 1125).

Bryndin McMill is at one of the Valley entrances near Snowflake and Lish McMarrin at Loc (2035, 1125).
Give Bryndin McMill the One Quarter of Elixir.
Bryndin says 'Ahhh!! I feel warm all over. Thanks. You should go give Arnis McLish a drink of this elixir. Last time I saw him he was headed toward Blackburrow.'
You receive One Half of Elixir, Faction, XP

Go find Arnis McLish near the entrance to Blackburrow

Go find Arnis McLish South of the entrance to Blackburrow, Loc (-1075, -995).
Give Arnis the One Half of Elixir.
Arnis says 'Mmmm.. Thank you stranger. I feel a lot warmer now. You should now go and find [Megan] O'Reilly.'
You receive One Quarter of Elixir, Faction, XP.

You say, 'Megan'

Arnis says 'I heard she got lost on the plains. You should go ask her dog, Snowflake, where she is. I hear she is somewhere around the pass to Halas.'

Go to Snowflake in Everfrost Peaks

Go find Snowflake near Bryndin McMill

You say, 'Megan'

Snowflake says 'Grrroarrr !!' and leads you to Megan
Give Megan the One Quarter of Elixir.
Arnis says 'Oh thank you. Sorry, but the bottle is empty now. I hope you did't need any. Take the empty bottle back to Dargon. He may refill it for you.'
You receive Empty Bottle of Elixir, Faction, XP.

Return to Halas and give Dargon McPherson the Empty Bottle of Elixer

Return to Halas and find Dargon McPherson at the Pit of Doom and give him the Empty Bottle of Elixer'
Dargon McPherson says 'Ye've proven yerself to be a cut above the rest and aided yer fellow warriors, no matter how worthless they were. Ye may take this. It was found in the snow by one of our foraging parties. I hope it can be of use to a warrior like yerself.'

Receive: Faction, XP, Small amount of Coin, and Random Item (Leather Boots, Wrist Pouch, Copper Band, Turquoise, Tattered Cloth Sandal, Lapis Lazuli, Corroded Buckler, Large

Patchwork Pants, Rusty Dagger, Throwing Axe, Bead Necklace, Ration, Rusty Axe, Small Lantern)