Ocean of Tears

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The Ocean of Tears is a vast expanse of water that lies between the continents of Antonica and Faydwer. A boat makes frequent trips between the Butcherblock Mountains and Freeport, taking travelers of all types over the ocean.

The vast expanses of ocean are punctuated with many small, isolated islands (hence the name, Ocean of Tears, as if the islands were tear drops). Each of these islands is a world unto itself, and the intrepid explorer can travel between them by using canoes that are pulled up on the shores of some of the more populated islands.

An Aviak keeps a weather eye on the horizon.
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Adjacent Zones: East Freeport, Butcherblock Mountains
Name in /who: oot


Map oot.jpg

  • 1. Rocky outcroppings inhabited by Aqua Goblins, Alluring Sirens, and Nerbilik. Brawn also spawns here.
  • 2. Docking point for boats coming from Faydwer.
  • 3. Aviak Island.
  • 4. Two rocky spires inhabited by Aqua Goblins and Alluring Sirens.
  • 5. Island inhabited by Aqua Goblins and The Allizewsaur.
  • 6. Island inhabited by Seafury Cyclops.
  • 7. Haunted island inhabited by Spectres and Gargoyles.
  • 8. Island with Boog Mudtoe and An Ancient Cyclops.
  • 9. Island of Isle Goblins and the Oracle of K`Arnon.
  • 10. Island of the Sisters of Erollisi. Dock for boats coming from Antonica.

Safe/Evac Spot

Succor point : (X) -9200 (Y) 390 (Z) 6


The Ocean of Tears is quite a high level area, with some monsters of level 30 or 40 and higher roaming the islands. Of all the creatures around, the only ones listed that aren't aggressive are the Aviaks, Allizewsaur , and the alluring sirens, who will generally leave you alone if you leave them alone. All of the other monsters will attack on sight.

Also, fighting in the Ocean of Tears is very different than fighting anywhere else. There are no guards to train monsters to if you get over your head. There is no handy zone edge to cross in order to escape. The only escape for most is to Gate if they can,


Several areas are especially good for hunting. Hunting aqua goblins and alluring sirens on their two groups of islands can be lucrative for a solo player of level 12-14 or so, or groups a little bit lower. Just be careful that there are no boats on them. They are also good for archers, because the aqua goblins carry arrows with them, ensuring a constant supply for hunting with. The Aviak island is good for 13th level and higher solo players because the starlings all /con blue to a 13th level character. There are also a good range of even through tombstone other Aviaks, which begin to appear more as the starling population strangely dwindles. The plus of the Aviaks is that they never catch on that you are killing their young, and I've butchered probably 50 starlings without them becoming aggressive. Other areas of the islands are good hunting for people of the appropriate levels, probably nearer to 30th to hunt gargoyles, Seafury Cyclops, and Spectres.

Traveling To and From

Travelers entering the Ocean of Tears by boat from East Freeport or the Butcherblock Mountains.

Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide

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Forageable Items