Preserved Meat Delivery Quest

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Start Zone: Oggok
Quest Giver: Chef Dooga
Minimum Level: 2
Classes: Shadowknight, Shaman, Warrior
Races Barbarian, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Erudite, Gnome, Half-Elf, Halfling, Human, Ogre, Troll, Wood Elf
Related Zones: Neriak - Foreign Quarter
Related Creatures: The Gobbler
Items Required Preserved Leg
Faction Neriak Ogre positive


XP, Faction Neriak Ogre positive, and Ogre Butcher Gloves

General Thoughts Regarding Quest

This quest is a subquest of the HEHE Meat Quest. You can do this quest independently.


Speak with Chef Dooga of Oggok

Chef Dooga is located in the Oggok bar at location 196, -251, 5.

You say, 'Hail, Chef Dooga'

Chef Dooga says 'Welcome you, Name. You look all skin 'n bones. Eat you must do. Chef Dooga can fix up goodies for you. Try [HEHE meat].'

You say, 'What is HEHE meat?'

Chef Dooga says 'It is a secret ground meat made with high elf, human, and Erudite Flesh. Mmmm. It good stuff. Dooga make it and [the Gobbler] make it. If you find any of those meats in the swamps bring to me and I pay you.'

You say, 'Who is the Gobbler?'

Chef Dooga says 'You no hear of the Gobbler!! Him great butcher. Have all kinds of meat. Him am low on froglok legs. Dooga supply him. Dooga need someone to [deliver froglok legs].'

You say 'I will deliver froglok legs'

Chef Dooga says 'You think so!! That be good thing. Make the Gobbler happy. Maybe he give you something good. Maybe not. you take this. Deliver meat.'

Receive a Preserved Leg

Find The Gobbler in Neriak - Foreign Quarter

The Gobbler can be found in Neriak - Foreign Quarter in the Bites n Pieces at location -342, -129, 5.

You say, 'Hail, The Gobbler'

The Gobbler says 'Meat!! You need meat. Me gots meat!! High elf meat, dwarf meat, human meat, [HEHE meat], [froggy legs]. Me got a lot.'

You say, 'What is HEHE meat?'

The Gobbler says 'HEHE meat? It human, Erudite 'n high elf, mashed together. Mmmm. Very tasty!'

You say, 'What froggy legs?'

The Gobbler says 'Froggy legs come from far away. Me get from friend, [Chef Dooga]. It not tasty. Trolls like it. Eat it up much. They eat too much froggy. Me glad [Nerbilik] leave Neriak!! He eat way too much froggy.'

You say, 'Who is Chef Dooga?'

The Gobbler says 'Friend in Oggok is Chef Dooga. Chef she is. Used to work in Neriak. She beautiful. She supply the Gobbler with [froglok legs]. They very low now. Fat trolls eat too many!! Me need to [pick up froglok legs].'

You say, 'I will pick up froglok legs.'

The Gobbler says 'That good news. Oggok far away. Me got no time to go. If you go speak to Chef Dooga, say you pick up froglok legs. You bring back and me give you coin, maybe even something good.'

Give The Gobbler the Preserved Leg.

The Gobbler says 'Uggh!! Froglok legs!! Me hate smelly legs, but me need it for fat trolls.'

Receive: XP, Faction Neriak Ogre positive, and Ogre Butcher Gloves.