Rain Caller Quest

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Start Zone: The Greater Faydark
Quest Giver: Maesyn Trueshot
Minimum Level: 35
Classes: Ranger
Races Half-Elf, Human, Wood Elf
Related Zones: Southern Felwithe, The Lesser Faydark, Ak'Anon, West Freeport, East Freeport, The Feerrott, Kedge Keep
Related Creatures: Kinool Goldsinger, Princess Joleena, Sanfyrd Featherhead, Ping Fuzzlecutter, Jyle Windshot, Innkeep Hunter, A Hulking Gorilla, A Gorilla, A Silverflank Guardian, A Golden Haired Mermaid
Items Required Trueshot Longbow, Crate for Tonics given, Fuzzlecutter Formula x10, A Crate of Tonic, Small Lantern, A Wooden Heart, Tattered Toupee, A Clump of Gorilla Hair x2, Lock of Hair, Mane Attraction, Glimmering Fairie Wing, Pouch of Gold Dust, 3000gp
Faction Gem Choppers positive, Merchants of Ak'Anon positive, King Ak'Anon positive, Dark Reflection negative, Clan Grikbar, Coalition of Trade Folk positive, Knights of Truth positive, Merchants of Qeynos positive, Coalition of Tradefolk Underground positive, Fairie positive


XP and Rain Caller

General Thoughts Regarding Quest

This quest picks up from the end of the Trueshot Longbow Quest


Speak with Maesyn Trueshot in The Greater Faydark

Maesyn Trueshot is found in Kelethin in the Ranger Guild in The Greater Faydark at location -454, 518, 117.

Maesyn Trueshot says 'I shall see that my father gets the materials. I hope this can be of use to you. It will serve as your starting point toward fletching a Trueshot longbow. It is unfortunate that we are unable to enchant the bow to its [next incarnation], but it is still a fine weapon. You do know the [correct components] needed for fletching such a bow, do you not?'

You say, 'What is the next incarnation?'

Maesyn Trueshot says 'The Trueshot Longbow was once enchanted by the Koada'Dal enchanters.  Once it was enchanted now it is no more.  I am sure if you were ask the Koada'Dal where the enchanted bows are you will get an answer.'

Find Kinool Goldsinger in Southern Felwithe

Kinool Goldsinger can be found in the Enchanter Guild of Southern Felwithe at location 562, -850, 3.

You say, 'Where can I get an Enchanted Bow?'

Kinool Goldsinger says 'Alas... Another ranger in search of the [Rain Caller]. She is no more.'

You say, 'What is the Rain Caller?'

Kinool Goldsinger says 'Rain Caller is the name we give each Trueshot longbow once it is enchanted. Unfortunately, I am unable to enchant them any longer. One of the components is no longer available. Someone would have to strike a [deal with the fairie folk]. Once I have that and the [remaining components] I can create the Rain Caller, a ranger's bow.'

You say, 'What deal with the fairie folk?'

Kinool Goldsinger says 'The fairie princess, Joleena, used to have a metal gnome deliver [fairie gold dust] to the Keepers every month. She has stopped this and now refuses to offer it to any nation of Faydwer. What she is angry about, we do not know.'

You say, 'What fairie gold dust?'

Kinool Goldsinger says 'Fairie gold dust is an enchanted powder which only a fairie princess can create.'

You say, 'What remaining components?'

Kinool Goldsinger says 'The remaining components are the Trueshot longbow and a treant heart. There will also be the guild donation in the amount of 3000 gold coins. These and the [fairie gold dust] will merit a ranger the Rain Caller enchanted bow.'

Find Princess Joleena in The Lesser Faydark

Princess Joleena can be found in the fairy ring in The Lesser Faydark at location 1099, 3611, 0

You say, 'Hail, Princess Joleena'

Princess Joleena says 'I am the Fairie Princess, Joleena. You may stay amongst my people, but do not nibble from our homes.'

You say, 'I want fairie gold dust.'

Princess Joleena says 'You wish the magical Fairie Gold Dust? Hmmph!! I refuse to offer it to any of the giants of Faydwer. How can I trust any of you. You have crept up upon my me and snatched one of my wings from my back. There will be no Fairie Gold Dust until my wing has been returned to me. You may not be the stalker who snatched my [wing], but all you giants are similar. Prove me wrong and return my wing.'

You say, 'Who snatched your wing?'

Princess Joleena says 'I did not see the swift giant, I was blinded by the sun glaring off his balding head. I do remember the smell of rust and refuse. How he got past my Clockwork Guardian, Gearheart, is a mystery to us all.'

Keep in mind that to a fairie, even a gnome is a giant. The bald giant Princess Joleena refers to Sanfyrd Featherhead of Ak'anon.

Find Sanfyrd Featherhead in Ak'Anon

Sanfyrd Featherhead can be found in Ak'anon near the mines of malfunction at location 2028, -232, -192.

You say, 'Hail, Sanfyrd Featherhead'

Sanfyrd Featherhead says 'Greetings. I am the operator of this Scrapyard. If you have any Scrap Metal I would be glad to purchase it from you in loads of four. The Gemchoppers no longer allow me to accept Blackbox Fragments and Micro Servos.'

You say, 'Do you know where Princess Joleena's wing is?'

Sanfyrd Featherhead says 'No!! You cannot have my magic Fairie Wing!! I need it. I read somewhere within the great library that the magic wing from a fairie princess will restore my full head of hair. Look at me!! I am bald!! I have no [friends] at all.'

You say, 'I am your friend.'

Sanfyrd Featherhead says 'Oh. You are just saying that so you can get my fairie wing. I will make you a deal. I cannot rely on this wing forever. I will trade it with you if you could get me a case of hair tonic. If you are a true friend you [will fetch the hair tonic] for me.'

You say, 'I will fetch the hair tonic.'

Sanfyrd Featherhead says 'Great!! Here you go, my friend. Take this crate and within you shall fill each slot with hair tonic. When all are combined within the crate, return it to me for your wing. I am not sure what the tonic was or where I got it. There is some writing on the crate, but I could not identify it.'

Receive a Crate for Tonics

Go to Ping Fuzzlecutter of West Freeport

Ping Fuzzlecutter can be found outside West Freeport at location -269, 535, -24.

Purchase Fuzzlecutter Formula x10 and fill the Crate for Tonics and combine.

Receive: A Crate of Tonic

Find Jyle Windshot in West Freeport

Jyle Windshot can be found on the second floor of the West Freeport Hogcaller's Inn at location -158, -538, -10.

You say, 'Hail, Jyle Windshot'

Jyle Windshot says 'Greetings, friend!! Nice to meet you. I see you enjoy barging into other people's rooms. No problem. I enjoy the company. What are you looking for?'

You say, 'I am looking for treant wood.'

Jyle Windshot says 'You are a new courier from the Faydarks. I am sorry I did not stay closer to the docks. I hear that part of Freeport is dangerous and is filled with many rogues. I shall require a new Small Lantern in trade for the Treant Wood.'

Obtain a Small Lantern

You can purchase a Small Lantern at several vendors throughout Norrath, but the closest is Innkeep Hunter in the Freeport Inn of East Freeport at locaiton -72, -699, -48.

Find Jyle Windshot in West Freeport

Give Jyle Windshot the Small Lantern

Jyle Windshot says 'Thanks, friend. I have run a long way to get here in time. Mostly at night. I lost my lantern in a card game in Highkeep.'

Receive: Faction Faydark's Champions positive, King Tearis Thex positive, Clerics of Tunare positive, Soldiers of Tunare positive, Crushbone Orcs negative and either Wooden Shards or A Wooden Heart.

Keep giving Jyle Windshot the Small Lantern until you receive A Wooden Heart

Find Sanfyrd Featherhead in Ak'Anon

Give Sanfyrd Featherhead A Crate of Tonic.

Sanfyrd Featherhead says 'Huzzah!! You are my friend. Now you can take my old toupee and get it repaired. Just go to Freeport and ask Ping to [repair the toupee]. Hey!! You know what? He is the guy who sells the hair tonic!! I remember now. Well,.. Get my toupee repaired and I will give you the fairie wing.'

Receive: XP, Faction Gem Choppers positive, Merchants of Ak'Anon positive, King Ak'Anon positive, Dark Reflection negative, Clan Grikbar negative, a small amount of coin, and a Tattered Toupee.

Go to Ping Fuzzlecutter of West Freeport

You say, 'Can you repair the toupee?'

Ping Fuzzlecutter says 'Ah!! You have a toupee to repair. It must be the [Mane Attraction]. I gave one out and it seems to always fall to pieces. Seeing as it has a 100 season warranty and I only created it 5 seasons ago, I suppose I can do it. Do you want me to [make the Mane Attraction]?'

You say, 'What is the Mane Attraction?'

Ping Fuzzlecutter says 'The Mane Attraction is a special toupee I created for a Gnome junker. He wasn't getting much attention at the taverns till I created the eye-catching toupee. He became one charismatic Gnome after that. Unfortunately, it seems to fall to pieces too easily and since it has a warranty, I have to fix it for him every time at no charge!! I will never make another.'

You say, 'I want you to make the Mane Attraction.'

Ping Fuzzlecutter says 'If you have the original tattered toupee then I can do it. Before you give it to me I will also need three other items. I require two clumps of hair from a Hulking Gorilla and a strand of hair from a [certain mermaid].'

You say, 'What certain mermaid?'

Ping Fuzzlecutter says 'I encountered a particular mermaid with beautiful hair!! She had beautiful golden tresses. I used a lock of her hair to create the Mane Attraction. That was a while back when I was in Faydwer.'

Obtain Two Clumps of Gorilla Hair in The Feerrott

A Hulking Gorilla, A Gorilla and A Silverflank Guardian in The Feerrott all can drop A Clump of Gorilla Hair. Kill them until you have A Clump of Gorilla Hair x2.

Obtain A Lock of Hair From A Golden Haired Mermaid in Kedge Keep

Kedge Keep is the home to A Golden Haired Mermaid. This underwater zone can be treacherous and your should plan on have Spell: Enduring Breath handy or one of the items that allow you to breath under water. A Golden Haired Mermaid is located at -167, -30, 95 in Kedge Keep. Kill eher an loot her Lock of Hair.

Go to Ping Fuzzlecutter of West Freeport

Give Ping Fuzzlecutter the Lock of Hair, A Clump of Gorilla Hair x2,and the Tattered Toupee.

Ping Fuzzlecutter says 'You are a good helper. Here you go. One genuine, charismatic, lady magnet, zero to hero making Mane Attraction!! Guaranteed to lower prices world wide. Guaranteed to last forever.. Err.. Well,.. It has a 1000 year warranty at least.'

Receive: XP, Faction Coalition of Trade Folk positive, Knights of Truth positive, Merchants of Qeynos positive, Coalition of Tradefolk Underground positive and a Mane Attraction.

Find Sanfyrd Featherhead in Ak'Anon

Give Sanfyrd Featherhead the Mane Attraction.

Sanfyrd Featherhead says 'Double Huzzah!! You are a good friend Name. Now mayhaps I shall find myself a wife. Here pal, the fairy wing. I hope it can give you a great head of hair. You need it.'

Receive: Faction Gem Choppers positive, Merchants of Ak'Anon positive, King Ak'Anon positive, Dark Reflection negative, Clan Grikbar negative, a small amount of coin, and the Glimmering Fairie Wing.

Find Princess Joleena in The Lesser Faydark

Give Princess Joleena the Glimmering Fairie Wing.

Princess Joleena says 'My wing!! I am so happy!! Thank you Milky. You have proved that I can trust giants once again. Please take a Pouch of Fairie Gold Dust. Its magical properties are desired by all.'

Receive: XP, Faction Fairie positive, and Pouch of Gold Dust.

Find Kinool Goldsinger in Southern Felwithe

Give Kinool Goldsinger the Pouch of Gold Dust, A Wooden Heart, Trueshot Longbow and 3000gp

Kinool Goldsinger says 'Fine work!! I now reward you with The Rain Caller.'

Receive XP and Rain Caller