Shakey's Stuffing Quest

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Start Zone: Rivervale
Quest Giver: Shakey Scarecrow
Minimum Level: 20
Classes: Cleric, Druid, Rogue, Warrior
Races Barbarian, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Erudite, Gnome, Half-Elf, Halfling, High Elf, Human, Ogre, Troll, Wood Elf
Related Zones: Western Plains of Karana, The Feerrott
Related Creatures: Reebo Leafsway, Roror
Items Required Bale of Hay, Blessed Oil Flask, 66 gold, Sack of Cursed Hay, Sack of Writhing Hay
Faction Beta Neutral positive, Storm Reapers positive, Mayor Gubbin positive, Merchants of Rivervale positive, Unkempt Druids negative


XP, Faction Storm Reapers positive, Mayor Gubbin positive, Merchants of Rivervale positive, Unkempt Druids negative, and either a Wee Harvester or a Belt of the River

General Thoughts Regarding Quest

The starting dialog from Reebo Leafsway can be a little wonky. You may have to repeat yourself closer or further away from Reebo Leafsway so that he responds. It should work without having to target Reebo Leafsway .


Speak with Shakey Scarecrow of Rivervale

Shakey Scarecrow is located in Rivervale near Tagglefoot's Farm at location -138, -405, -9.

You say, 'Hail, Shakey Scarecrow'

Shakey Scarecrow rustles and looks up at you in acknowledgment.
Reebo Leafsway shakes his head sadly. 'Poor old [Shakey] just isn't what he used to be.

You say, 'Who is Shakey?'

Reebo Leafsway says 'Shakey is our protector and friend. He is just getting old. Losing his [stuffing]. His [head] is getting very cracked and dry as well.'

You say, 'Stuffing?'

Reebo Leafsway says 'The hay he requires is difficult to obtain. It must have been harvested from the Plains of Karana, then cursed by a high priest of the Faceless, [Cazic-Thule]. Finally, you must cast the hay and a flask of blessed Oil of Life into an armorer's forge. Only then will the hay be ready. We Stormreapers will reward you greatly if you could accomplish this task. Remember, you must give the scarecrow stuffing to Shakey only after it has been properly prepared.'

You say, 'Cazic-Thule?'

Reebo Leafsway says 'Cazic-Thule is the dark deity of fear. He is worshiped by many evil beings. There is believed to be a ruined temple dedicated to him deep in the [Feerrott]. That would be a good place to look for one of his high priests.'

You say, 'Feerrott?'

Reebo Leafsway says 'The Feerrott is a vast rain forest in southwestern Antonica. It is home to many lizardman tribes.'

Find a Bale of Hay in the Western Plains of Karana

The easiest way to find the Bale of Hay in the Wesetern Plains of Karana is to start at the barn at location -2291, -5548, 1 and run in a line to the west to the barn you should see in the distance. Then work your way along that latitude grid back and forth in a southerly direction. It can ground spawn anywhere in there. It appears as a bag. Cleet Miller often walks in this area, so you sometimes hear players refer to the Bale of Hay being dropped by Cleet Miller.

Obtain Blessed Oil

Complete the first portion of the Blessed Oil Quest to obtain a Blessed Oil Flask.

Find Roror in The Feerrott

Roror is a lizard cleric of Cazic Thule. He wanders The Feerrott but can often be found near -719, 1026, -12.

You say, 'Hail, Roror'

Roror says 'Greeetingsssssssssss. What brings sssssuch asssss you to the heart of the Feerrott? Do you [know fear]?'

You say, 'Yes, I do know fear.'

Roror says 'Yesssss. I can tassssste the fear in your pitiful heart. I am Roror, High Priessst of Cazic-Thule! I sssseek to sssssspread terror acrossssss all of Norrath! I ssssshall let you live thisss day so you can sssshare the fear that liessss within you.'

You say, 'Bless my hay.'

Roror says 'You sssseek the blesssssssing of the Lord of Fear?! Give me what you have and 66 gold pieces as an offering to Cazic-Thule.'

Give Roror the Bale of Hay and 66 gold pieces.

Roror says 'Whatsssss thisssss? You sssseek my blessssssssing? Heh heh heh... Very well... CAZIC-THULE! Take this fruit of Karana into horror'sss dark embrace. Fear and death made manifesssssst. A harvesssst of terror! Here, take your gift of blood and sssstraw. Use its dark powersssss in the name of the Fear Lord!'

Receive: XP, Faction Beta Neutral positive, and a Sack of Cursed Hay

Find a Forge

Combine the Sack of Cursed Hay and the Blessed Oil Flask in a forge.

Receive: Sack of Writhing Hay

Speak with Shakey Scarecrow of Rivervale

Give Shakey Scarecrow the Sack of Writhing Hay.

Shakey Scarecrow shakes his head around and beams a smile at you

Receive: XP, Faction Storm Reapers positive, Mayor Gubbin positive, Merchants of Rivervale positive, Unkempt Druids negative, and either a Wee Harvester or a Belt of the River