Solusek's Eye

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The Solusek Mining Company, an intrepid group of gnomes, ventured to Solusek's Eye from their home city of Ak'Anon to mine ore and produce tinkered creations. To aid the excavation of this dangerous s region, the gnomes have brought with them a horde of clockwork miners who can better tolerate the intense heat emanating from the pools and rivers of magna.

Fire goblins also make these caverns home, unaffected by the searing heat. Though the mining company and fire goblin clan are not in direct conflict, they have no love for each other. They do, however, share a hatred for the Solusek kobolds and the fire giants. The fire giants and the fire goblins both serve the great red dragon, Lord Nagafen.

Those that dare to trek too deeply through Solusek's Eye are advised to be wary of stumbling into the lair, for creatures that lurk there are far more deadly than the goblins and fire elementals of Solusek's Eye. The lair is accessed through the innermost tunnel system of the complex.

If one is brave enough to endure the suffocating heat of the lava and the constant torment of the goblins, Solusek's Eye can be a wonderful place to find wealth. The ore mined by the goblins and gnomes can be sold for a handsome price to merchants in various towns. Also, the shamanistic magic of the globins has allowed them to craft simple trinkets with properties that could prove helpful.

Several tunnels will lead unwary adventurers direclty into Nagafen's Lair, where more powerful enemies, such as ferocious kobolds, make certain that they will never see the light of day again.

Sparkling magma ore being mined
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Adjacent Zones: Lavastorm Mountains, Nagafen's Lair
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Map soldunga.jpg
  • 1. Inferno Goblin Captain
  • 2. Kindle
  • 3. Efreeti Pits with Blazing Elementals and Reckless Efreeti
  • 4. Lava Elemental Room
  • 5. Doorway to upper level of the gnome fort (not shown) with Captain Bipnubble
  • 6. Singe
  • 7. Gnome Merchant Marfen
  • 8. Gabbie Mardoddle
  • 9. Courtyard
  • 10. Kobold predator
  • 11. Goblin Foreman
  • 12. Window Room
  • 13. The Pit
  • 14. Goblin Merchant
  • 15. Fire Goblin Bartender
  • 16. Fire Goblin Drunkard
  • 17. Solusek Goblin King
  • 18. Inferno Goblin Torturer
  • 19. High Shaman Room
  • 20. Lynada the Exiled

Note: the lettered areas on the map are zone points to the corresponding lettered areas in Nagafen's Lair

Safe/Evac Spot

Safe X: -486 Safe Y: -476 Safe Z: 73


Solusek's Eye is not only full of dangerous goblins who would kill anyone entering into their territory, but the lava that flows throughout the caverns can melt through the sturdiest of armor. The ledges and causeways are oftentimes very narrow here and falling into the lava is an ever-present danger.


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Traveling To and From

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Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide

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Forageable Items


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