Southern Felwithe

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Felwithe is the home to Norrath's Koada'Dal and has bred many an esteemed hero. Paladins and clerics are the pride of this city. Boasting elaborate guildhalls of unrivaled beauty and majesty, together their guilds form the Clerics of Tunare. Travelers who frequent this city, have ample opportunity to purchase Koada'Dal wares and crafts, and imbibe the finest wines in all of Norrath in the hamlet's many taverns.

Southern Felwithe houses the caster guild halls for the Koada'Dal.

a view of the teleportation pads to the various guild halls
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Adjacent Zones: Northern Felwithe
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Map felwitheb.jpg
  • 1. Gate room to Guild Halls
  • 2. Wizard Guild
  • 3. Magician Guild
  • 4. Enchanter Guild
  • 5. Merchants and Loom

Safe/Evac Spot

Succor point : X (-790) Y (320) Z (-10)


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Traveling To and From

Southern Felwithe's entrance lies in the Northeastern corner of Northern Felwithe through a guarded tunnel.

Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide

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Forageable Items


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