Tergon's Spellbook Quest

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Start Zone: Ak'Anon
Quest Giver: Tergon Brenclog
Minimum Level: 15
Classes: Magician
Races Gnome
Related Zones: West Freeport, Crushbone
Related Creatures: Dooly Jonkers, Retlon Brenclog, Elven Slave placeholder, The Prophet, Orc centurion placeholder, Orc oracle placeholder
Items Required Sealed Letter, Tergon's Spellbook
Faction Eldritch Collective positive, Dark Reflection negative, The Dead negative, Gem Choppers positive, King Ak'Anon negative


General Thoughts Regarding Quest


Speak with Tergon Brenclog in Ak'Anon

Tergon Brenclog is located in good the caster guild in Ak'Anon at 1081, -1033, 29

This quest starts at the tail end of the Bugglegupp Quest.

Tergon Brenclog says 'So, you have survived. There is no doubt in my mind that you achieved this solely with your own powers. Only a dim one requires the assistance of others. Take this. May it help you in your pursuit of greatness. [Further tasks] may bring you to that point.'

You say, 'What further tasks?'

Tergon Brenclog says 'Not all experience is gained upon the battlefield. We magicians must heighten our minds to become formidable opponents. I see much promise in you, ___. I will require you to [travel abroad] toward Freeport.'

You say, 'I will travel abroad toward Freeport.'

Tergon Brenclog says 'You will go to Freeport and seek out the Academy of Arcane Science. There you shall find my brother Retlon. He has scribed some new spells in my [personal spellbook]. Hand him this note as proof of your alliance. He works closely with Master Dooly Jonkers.'

Receive a Sealed Letter

If you are the type of person who reads sealed letters to other people it says:

Retlon, Please hand my spellbook over to this courier. He will see that it is safely returned to me. Thank you. Tergon Brenclog Eldritch Collective.

Speak with Dooly Jonkers in West Freeport

Dooly Jonkers is located in West Freeport in the Academy of Arcane Science at -41, -1061, -190.

You say, 'Hail, Dooly Jonkers'

Dooly Jonkers says 'Greetings, Name! Welcome to the Academy of Arcane Science. Nowhere on Norrath can you find a greater learning center.'

You say, 'Where is Retlon Brenclog?'

Dooly Jonkers says 'Retlon Brenclog? I take it you have not heard the unfortunate news. Retlon left for Ak'Anon one week ago. I hear he has been captured by the Crushbone orcs and forced to toil in their pits.'

Find Retlon Brenclog in Crushbone

Retlon Brenclog is located in Crushbone at location 274, -136, -27 in the slaver pits. Try using the find feature on your in-game map.

You say, 'Hail, Retlon Brenclog'

Retlon Brenclog says 'Oh my word! A rescuer! Hurry! [Get me out] of these chains! Go find the orc who has the keys!'

You say, 'get me out'

Retlon Brenclog says 'I am from Ak'Anon! I must return a [spellbook] to the Eldritch Collective.'

You say, 'what spellbook?'

Retlon Brenclog says 'What?! I am stuck here and you are worried about a spellbook?! Forget that! Just get the keys to my shackles from one of the orcs! HURRY!'

Hand Retlon Brenclog the Sealed Letter

Retlon Brenclog says 'Ah! A letter from my brother! Mmm... no... no I don't have Tergon's spellbook. The orc's prophet took it and then they locked me in chains! Now why don't you go do something useful and get me key number 15!!'

Receive XP, and Faction Eldritch Collective positive, King Ak'Anon positive, Gem Choppers positive, The Dead negative.

Kill The Prophet in Crushbone

The Prophet is located at 86, -62, 34 in Crushbone in Emperor Crusbone's tower. You may have to kill his placeholders Orc centurion and Orc oracle. It can take several cycles to get him to spawn.

Kill The Prophet and loot Tergon's Spellbook

Speak with Tergon Brenclog in Ak'Anon

You may be asking yourself 'What? Shouldn't we have rescued Retlon Brenclog? Naw, he wasn't terribly nice when you asked him about Tergon's Spellbook. You can rescue him later.

Give Tergon Brenclog Tergon's Spellbook

Tergon Brenclog says, 'Thank you Name. I had no doubt you would fulfill my will and return my spellbook. Here is your reward for such effort.

Receive XP and Faction