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This trollish village sits on the edge of the Innothule Swamp and is home to the Trolls of Norrath. Grobb is made almost entirely from mud, rock and rotting wood harvested from the swampland the village was built upon. Large, moss-covered walls are scattered throughout and line the murky waterways. Some small wood bridges can be found in the city, although most trolls are accustomed to swimming and typically do not expend the effort to build unnecessary pathways.

All of the buildings in this city are uniform in design – ornaments and decoration, beyond severed animal heads and hides, are completely out of the question for these dull brutes of the swamp. Simple signs painted with reptilian blood in poor, broken common tongue detail the name of each shop and guildhall.

At the center of town, near the bank, stands a gruesome sight - a mangled, dismembered dwarven corpse, suspended from meat hooks. The cannibalistic trolls often feast upon the flesh of other Norrathian races, finding dwarves to be the finest of delicacies.

the torturing of an unfortunate dwarf
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Adjacent Zones: Innothule Swamp
Name in /who: grobb


Map grobb.jpg
  • 1. Priest of Discord
  • 2. Cave with Basher Nanrum
  • 3. General Supplies
  • 4. Dismembered Dwarf and oven
  • 5. Warrior Guild
  • 6. Gunthak's Belch tavern
  • 7. Armor and weapon supplies
  • 8. Vendors with pottery and smithing supplies
  • 9. Shadow Knight guild
  • 10. Shaman Trainers and Alchemy supplies
  • 11. Bank
  • 12. Jewelry merchant
  • 13. Fireplace
  • 14. Shaman Guild

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Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide

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