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If you would like to have old spell icons in your spell book:

1. Close your client.
2. Locate your EQ Client's uifiles directory.
3. Descend into the default directory.
4. Rename the following files:

  • spells01.tga -> spells01.NEW
  • spells02.tga -> spells02.NEW
  • spells03.tga -> spells03.NEW
  • spells04.tga -> spells04.NEW
  • spells05.tga -> spells05.NEW
  • spells06.tga -> spells06.NEW
  • spells07.tga -> spells07.NEW

5. Unzip the spell_icons.zip file.
6. Descend into the resulting Spells folder.
7. Copy the contents into your EQ Client's ../uifiles/default directory.
8. Launch your client and behold the glory of old spell gems.

Download file: spell_icons.zip

Site editors may also need to edit the version of this file. Edit file version: File:Spell icons.zip