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Watcher Fippy Darkpaw is the FVProject GM focusing on quests and wiki development.

Out of Era Quest Info

  • Newbie Armor Quests are OOE until Velious/Luclin era
  • Cazic Thule - The classic zone file info is almost non existent. We expect to roll this out more along the lines of its revamp, rather than having it in the classic era, unless we get updated information.
  • Bregna's Big Mistake Quest it was really difficult to get a bead on when this actually released. Some sources say classic, others say as late as Luclin. We left it in because we didn't feel the reward was overpowered.

Weird GitHub Code Information

  • QRG is the reference to the Surefall Glade Zone

GM Commands Cheat Sheet

  • To Move from Zone to Zone: #zone {zone nickname}
  • To Lock and Unlock the Server: #lock; #unlock
  • To Allow a Player Access to a Locked Sever: unlock the server, have the player log in to game, in PEQ editor assign that players status to 251 (this is GM status), lock the server. This will allow the player to log into the server while it is locked.
  • To Update Quests after a Github Pull: #reloadquest
  • To Make Yourself Invulnerable: #invulnerable on; #invulnerable off
  • If you make a database change to a groundspawn: It will not take affect right away - to force it Head to another zone, #hotfix, and then #zoneshutdown zoneshortname...then go back (Make sure nobody else is in zone when you do this.
  • To see what items a creature will drop: #NPCloot show
  • To check NPC id when observing pathing issues, etc. #NPCStats
  • To verify item id #peekinv cursor, bank, trade, etc.
  • To skill up all skills to max #setallskill 252
  • To ensure an EOC change is applied to zone #hotfix
  • To Spawn a creature #dbspawn IDnumber
  • To Restart a zone #zoneshutdown zoneshortname
  • To Damage a NPC to death, but leave corpse #damage 32000
  • To Give Cash #givemoney #plat #gold #silver #copper
  • To Turn on/off GM status #gm on or #gm off
  • To repop NPCs in a zone #repop

Random GM Stuff

  • If a player reports NPCs spawned under world in Nektulous Forest they likely have to rename the zone file from nektulos.eqg rename to nektulos.eqg.bak
  • Zapf and Dingbat for Faction and Level machines #dbspawn 2160 next line #dbspawn 2161
Hand Zapf coins to choose the amount of adjustment and then spak a number (faction ID) that you want adjusted. 1pp gains 500, 1 gp gains 100, 1 sp lossed100, 1cp loses 500

Language IDs

0 Common
1 Barbarian
2 Erudin
3 Elish
4 Dark Elvish
5 Dwarvish
6 Troll
7 Ogre
8 Gnomish
9 Halfling
10 Theives Cant
11 Old Erudin
12 Elder Elvish
13 Froglok
14 Goblin
15 Gnoll
16 Combine
17 Elder Teirdal
18 Lizardman
19 Orcish
20 Faerie
21 Dragon
22 Elder Dragon
23 Dark Speach
24 Vashier