1999 09 21

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The following changes were introduced with this patch:

Enhancements to magic:

  • Illusion: Werewolf (enchanter) now stacks with other attack speed spells
  • Casting times on the higher level Ward series (Cleric, Magician, Necromancer & Druid) have been slightly lowered.
  • The Lich (Necromancer) spell will now provide more mana.
  • Surge of Enfeeblement (Necromancer) should now work consistently.
  • Enchanter Wolf Illusion is now Outdoors only.
  • Paralyzing Earth can now be scribed by Necromancers.
  • Thicken and Crystallize Mana now produce their proper potions.
  • All research quest combinations should now work.
  • Eyes of the Cat now provides infravision as the description states.

General Enhancements

  • Summoned food and water will now disappear when the user logs out.
  • If the player is under the effect of Minor Illusion, and exits the game, upon reentry to the game, the Minor Illusion icon will remain.
  • Summoned items will no longer remain indefinitely when placed within a bag in the bank.

- The EverQuest Team