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Only the Shaman can learn Alchemy. It is basically a trade skill , but the Shaman can’t start practicing it until reaching experience level 25. A Shaman uses Alchemy to concoct potions.

The Shaman must have a Medicine Bag in which to mix the potions. Examples of potions that can be concocted are Charming Deceit and Troll’s Essence.


Item Trivial
Potion of Charming Deceit 22
Potion of Troll's Essence 27
Potion of Frosty Insurgency 42
Potion of Gorging Toxin 47
Potion Skin of Ro 42
Potion of Gnomish Boils 57
Potion of Vox's Vitality 63
Potion of Fleeting Languor 47
Potion Soul of the Incorporeal 70
Potion of Undead's Recourse 76
Potion of Gulon's Impunity 83
Potion of Copal's Demise 90
Potion of Spurn Affliction 32

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