Alcohol Tolerance

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Consuming an alcoholic beverage temporarily lowers your Displayed AC, ATK, WIS and INT, while raising your STR and STA. The decreases to WIS/INT are far greater than the increase to STR/STA. All types of alcoholic beverages are equal in terms of effects (e.g. 1 short beer has the same effect as 1 vodka).

A higher Alcohol Tolerance skill will reduce the impact on these stats (i.e. amount of WIS/INT lost per-drink), and will also reduce the recovery time. At 255 skill level you will need to consume 20+ drinks before seeing a single point increase to STR.

You recover a little from these effects every 6-second server tick. The following are the recovery times per-drink at various skill levels:

  • 1 AT: 4:00
  • 125 AT: 2:00
  • 255 AT: 0:06 (one server tick)

Subsequent drinks simply add a single drink’s worth of recovery time (i.e. the effects of multiple drinks are not exponential).

Reaching a certain level of intoxication (dependent upon skill) will make your character stagger from side to side when you attempt to move. This effect does not impact your forward run speed. Reaching a further level of intoxication will lock your character in first person mode and distort your field of view with a tunnel vision effect until you recover a little. This visual effect is amplified with further drinks until you finally reach max intoxication.

A bug currently exists whereby zoning with any level of intoxication (even a single drink) will amplify the adverse effects to your stats upon entering the new zone. For example, if you zone immediately after consuming 1 drink then your WIS/INT will be decreased by the same amount as having consumed 3-4 drinks. The same is true for logging out and back in while intoxicated.


  • All (Max 255)

Alcohol Tolerance is level capped (5*level)+5. So if you are level 20, you can only build your Alcohol Tolerance skill to 105.

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