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The skill that governs the use of bow-type ranged weapons. Archery provides Warriors and Rogues with a Ranged Attack skill to safely pull enemies, gives Shadow Knights and Paladins an alternative with longer range and free of mana, and is specialized by Rangers for kiting, pulling, and situational DPS in raids and groups.


Class Pre-50 Cap Post-50 Cap
Ranger 210 240
Warrior 200 240
Rogue 200 240
Shadow Knight 75 75
Paladin 75 175

Damage Calculation

The base damage on a bow works a bit differently than on a melee weapon. Whereas a melee weapon's base damage (before strength, skill, or level are factored in) is (DMG*2+1), for archery, the base damage is Bow DMG + Arrow DMG). In other words, a 20 damage bow firing 2 damage arrows has a base damage of 22.

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