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An Oven

Baking allows anyone to produce a wide variety of baked goods. Examples include Bixie Crunchies, Lizard-On-A-Stick, and Dwarf Chops.

You must have access to a Mixing Bowl and an Oven for this skill.

Although it is perfectly feasible for some to buy food from merchants, others will find it easier to make meals on the go. Many baking recipes can be anything from snacks to hearty meals, and there are even special recipes that can give the average adventurer a temporary boost in abilities, or assist in quests. Whether it's an easy wolf sandwich while you're on your way to somewhere, or a wedding cake for a ceremony, baking has a lot to offer to those who aren't content with the standard fare sold by merchants.Baking requires a number of products from other tradeskills for certain recipes, but the good news is that most can be purchased from other players and may be used more than once, so there's no need to go out and master, say, blacksmithing before you start.

Baking Recipes

Item Trivial
Birthday Cake Slice 15
Wedding Cake Slice 15
Clump Of Dough 17
Edible Goo 21
Rat Kabobs 26
Rat Sandwich 26
Scorpion Sandwich 26
Bear Sandwich 31
Mammoth Sandwich 31
Wolf Sandwich 31
Dwarf Chops 36
Rat Ear Sandwich 36
Bear Steaks 41
Gator Steaks 41
Kobold Steaks 41
Lion Steaks 41
Mammoth Steaks 41
Snake Steak 41
Batwing Crunchies 46
Bixie Crunchies 46
Wooly Spider Crunchies 46
Pickled Bixie 51
Pickled Froglok 51
Pickled Gator 51
Pickled Lizard 51
Pickled Troll 51
Snake Pickles 51
Gnome Kabobs 56
Hot-n-spicy Toelings 56
Lizard-on-a-stick 56
Blackened Teir`dal 62
Beer Braised Bear 68
Beer Braised Gator 68
Beer Braised Lion 68
Beer Braised Mammoth 68
Beer Braised Rat 68
Beer Braised Wolf 68
Fish Head Soup 68
Rabbit Stew 68
Vegetable Soup 68
Carp Fillets 82
Chub Fillets 82
Fish Fillets 82
Pike Fillets 82
Salmon Fillets 82
Shark Fillet 82
Trout Fillets 82
Candied Spider 88
Smoked Shark 95
Smoked Wood Elf 95
White Chocolate 95
Winter Chocolate 95
Elven Veal 115
Loaf Of Bread 115
Caynar Nut Stuffed Trout 128
Chocolate Marr Cherries 128
Fish Rolls 135
Gator Rolls 135
Muffin 135
Pound Cake 135
Shark Rolls 135
Beetle Eye Pie 142
Berry Pie 142
Fruit Pie 142
Hot Cross Buns 142
Muskie Marinade 142
Rat Ear Turnovers 142
Vegetable Pie 142
Chocolate Cookies 148
White Chocolate Cookies 148
Chocolate Muffins 155
White Chocolate Muffins 155
Wedding Cake 157
Birthday Cake 162
Pixie Powder Cinnesticks 202

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