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Note: It is not necessary to train this skill at a guildmaster in order to level it.

Beg an NPC for some money!

  • Begging skill is level-capped at (Level*5)+5
  • Has an ~8 second cooldown.
  • When you perform a successful beg, NPCs will hand you whatever coin they currently have. For example, a guard in High Keep could hand you 10 gold - 5 platinum, while animals will typically never hand you anything.
  • Begging can be skilled up on any monster that can be stolen from, regardless of con. So, for example, you can beg from a level 1 goblin indefinitely (even after you take all its coin) for skillups.
  • A failed attempt at begging may result in the NPC or monster attacking you.
  • It is possible to beg platinum pieces no matter your skill level.
  • A great way to skill begging is to beg from a monster you are going to kill anyways then attack.
  • You need to be QUITE CLOSE to your mark to attempt. If you are not close enough, you don't beg, and the cooldown timer still activates.

A successful beg will result in the monster or NPC saying:

"Here [PC] take this and LEAVE ME ALONE!"
You have begged [amount of money].

(Alternatively, if the NPC has no coin, there is no indication that you were successful. Presumably, one can only gain skill ups on a successful beg.)

A critical begging failure will result in the monster or NPC saying one of the following dialogues and attacking you:

"You have the audacity to beg from me??!"
"I Despise beggars, they are not fit to live."


  • All Max 255?


Target and stand next to A Boat and click on the skill. Although the boat will not con it is technically level 50 so will work well into the 50s. Although the boat will respond with critical begging failures it will never attack but it will never pay-up either.

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