Bertoxxulous Initiate Quest

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Start Zone: Ak'Anon
Quest Giver: Evah Xokez
Minimum Level: 8
Classes: Cleric
Races Gnome, Human
Related Zones: Steamfont Mountains
Related Creatures: a female rat, diseased female rat, a young plague rat, A Clockwork Barkeep
Items Required Vial of Infectious Disease given, Empty Infectious Vial, Airtight Metal Box, given, diseased bone marrow x2, Sprig of Wormwood, Gnomish spirits, Container of Infectious Reagents upon combine
Faction Dark Reflection positive, Eldritch Collective negative, Gem Choppers negative, King Ak'Anon negative, The Dead positive


Initiate Symbol of Bertoxxulous, XP, and Faction

General Thoughts Regarding Quest

This is just begging to be done, if only for the fun role play. Who wouldn't want to sew infectious disease and spread it in rats in Steamfont Mountains. A rat that happens to spawn five other plague rats if another PC happens to kill it. Wha ha ha ha!


Speak with Evah Xokez

Evah Xokez is a cleric guildmaster on Dark Reflection faction in the Mines of Malfunction in Ak'Anon (2094.54, -394.50). Hint - this means if you are good, she will want to kill you.

You say, 'Hail, Evah Xokez'

Evah Xokez says 'Be wary, ______, there are unseen powers within these mines that can destroy the strongest warriors or the wisest seers. Do you find the rust that corrodes the mechanisms around you and the decaying forms that wander these tunnels pleasing?'

You say, 'I find these tunnels pleasing.'

Evah Xokez says 'Then perhaps you share the vision of we who have made these mines our home. We are the Dark Reflection and our perceptions have been refined to allow us to see the poisons and disease coursing through every creature's veins and the decay afflicting all forms of matter in Norrath. I can teach you to harness the powers of our divine benefactor if you are [willing to learn] through service to the Dark Reflection.'

You say, 'I am willing to learn.'

Evah Xokez says 'Then your first lesson shall be the fulfillment of spreading infection and disease. Some of the best carriers of infectious diseases are rodents. Take this vial containing a slow and painful infection and give it to one of the pregnant giant rodents that can be found outside in the Steamfont Mountains. This way you can spread the disease to not only those creatures which cross the mother's path but also to those who cross the paths of her future offspring. Bring me the empty vial when the task has been completed.'

You receive a Vial of Infectious Disease

Find a Female Rat in Steamfont Mountains

A female rat spawns in Steamfont Mountains near location 1314.82, -237.84, -104.94.

Give A female rat the Vial of Infectious Disease

A female rat emotes 'a female rat ingests the virulent substance and becomes ill'

You receive an Empty Infectious Vial

The female rat changes into a Diseased female rat. Beware, if you are close in level to this level 5 NPC, she will attack you immediately. Killing this Diseased female rat will spawn 5 a young plague rats

Take the Empty Infectious Vial to Evah Xokez in Ak'Anon

Return to Ak'Anon

Give theEmpty Infectious Vial to Evah Xokez

Evah Xokez says 'I hope you enjoyed the thrill of your first lesson and the awakening of your vision. Now you must prove your utility to our society. Take this airtight container and gather the [components] for another dose of the plague rat disease.'

Receive faction Dark Reflection positive, Eldritch Collective negative, Gem Choppers negative, Deep Muses negative, XP, and an Airtight Metal Box.

You say, 'What components?'

Evah Xokez says 'The recipe we use to make the plague rat disease is fairly simple. We could easily extract the fluids from the infected rat livers but that would be counterproductive to our cause since it would require the deaths of our rodent carriers. Instead, I need you to collect two parts Diseased Bone Marrow, one Sprig of Wormwood and one part Gnomish spirits to be used as a medium. When you have combined all the components in the container I have provided, return it to me so that we may continue to spread the disease!'

Receive a Airtight Metal Box

On your way to collect the materials stop at A Clockwork Barkeep (at 1242, -946, -30) to purchase a Gnomish spirits, then proceed to the Steamfont Mountains zoneline

Return to Steamfont Mountains to Gather Materials

Diseased Bone Marrow drops from a brittle skeletons that spawn in the general area of the windmills; you will need two.

Speak with Ennixy Frennor in Steamfont Mountains

Ennixy Frennor can be found at 1377.00, -833.86, -110.03

You say, 'Hail, Ennixy Frennor'

Ennixy Frennor says, 'Unless you have something to tell me about yourself that I could possibly be interested in, be gone!'

You say, 'Do you sell a Sprig of Wormwood'

Ennixy Frennor says, 'Wormwood? Why do you want that? OH nevermind. Here! Take it and leave me alone! You're wasting my valuable time!'

Receive a Sprig of Wormwood

Combine the Ingredients in the Airtight Metal Box

Upon combine of the Diseased Bone Marrow x2, Sprig of Wormwood and Gnomish spirits in the Airtight Metal Box

Receive a Container of Infectious Reagents.

Return to Evah Xokez in Ak'Anon

Give the Container of Infectious Reagents (10266) to Evah Xokezi

Evah Xokez says 'Ahhh good good. these will be put to fine use creating more disease to spread through the rodents. You have done excellent work in helping to spread the work of the Plague Bringer. Take this Symbol of Initiation as your reward.'

Receive Initiate Symbol of Bertoxxulous (1390), XP, and faction Dark Reflection positive, Eldritch Collective negative, Gem Choppers negative, King Ak'Anon negative, The Dead positive