Bind Wound

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Bandage your wounds to heal some damage. At 200 skill or below, the formula is 1 HP per 4 points of Bind Wound, for a max of 50 HP at 200 skill. At 201 skill or above, the formula is 1 HP per 2.5 points of Bind Wound, for a max of 84 HP at 210 skill. Consumes a Bandages or similar item when used.

Note: All classes that can exceed 200 skill Bind Wound can bind to 70% at 201, otherwise bind wound can only heal you to 50% health. Monks exceed the 200 skill cap at level 51 while Warriors and Rogues exceed it at level 57.

Using /stand while bandaging wounds will cancel it.

Skill cap seems to be (level*5)+5 (couldn't get bind wound above 65 skill as lvl 12 mage)


Some classes are capped at 100 skill before level 50.


Buy a lot of Bandages and head to Lavastorm Mountains. Stand in shallow lava until you are low health and then move out of the lava. Begin using Bind Wound until you no longer can. Repeat for skill ups. Be careful not to kill yourself in the lava. Fire resist does affect how much damage you take in lava.

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