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A Brewing Barrel

Brewing allows any inhabitant of Norrath to produce potent alcoholic beverages, including Mead, Short Beer, Kalish and Heady Kiolas.

Brewing allows you to make mostly alcoholic drinks but there are also a few non-alcoholic drinks and items for other tradeskills. The majority of recepies require a container (either bottle, shotglass, cask) in addition to the crafting ingrediants, on a failure you will get back the container but lose all other ingredients. All combines are made in a brew barrel which can be found in most towns.

Brewing is not a very profitable skill to have on its own, but it is useful to assist in Tailoring, Alcohol Tolerance, and getting drunk with your friends.


Item Trivial
Water Flask 21
Flask Of Berry Juice 21
Flask Of Fruit Juice 24
Malted Milk 26
Flask Of Sylvan Berry Juice 26
Flask Of Rathe Berry Juice 26
Flask Of Karana Brown Tea 29
Short Beer 31
Mead 41
Honey Mead 41
Short Ale 51
Ogre Swill 51
Egg Nog Xxx 55
Egg Nog Xxx 55
Egg Nog 55
Egg Nog 55
Fish Wine 62
Snake Egg Oil 68
Ro Porter 68
Red Porter 68
Gypsy Wine 68
Gypsy Wine 68
Gypsy Porter 68
Fish Oil 68
Faydwer Porter 68
Ale 68
White Wine 82
Red Wine 95
Thubr's Darkened Ale 102
Gnomish Spirits 102
Gnomish Spirits 102
Aviak Egg Oil 102
Elven Wine 115
Brandy 122
Brandy 122
Vodka 135
Tumpy Tonic 135
Shadow Temper 135
Sea Temper 135
Royal Temper 135
Moonlight Temper 135
Halfling Stouters 135
Halfling Stouters 135
Halas Heater 135
Halas Heater 135
Frost Temper 135
Earthen Temper 135
Blood Temper 135
Tail Kicker Lager 142
Tail Kicker Lager 142
2x Brewed 2x Stout Dwarven Ale 142
Lothran's Ancient Absinthe 143
Faydwer Schnapps 148
Faydwer Schnapps 148
Armadillo Simmer Ale 148
Skull Ale 151
Skunk Breath Ale 155
Hulgarsh 155
Boot Beer 162
Underfoot Brown 168
Ginesh 168
Bleeding Brain 168
Faydwer Shaker 188
Minotaur Hero's Brew 248

Leveling Guide

Brewing is a fairly easy tradeskill to raise in EQ, at first at least. You can take the skill almost all the way up to 200 just by vendor purchased items. Also for all those worrying, Brewing isn't only for making alcohol, you can also make other goodies used in different Tradeskills.

Recommended Route:

(Completing the steps in Bold will get you there the fastest, but probably cost more)


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