Butcherblock Mountains

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A view from the Entrance to the Port.
Level of Monsters:
Types of Monsters:
Notable NPC's:
Adjacent Zones: Greater Faydark, Kaladim, Dagnor's Cauldron, Ocean of Tears
Name in /who: butcher


Map butcher.jpg
  • G. Guard Houses
  • 1. Docks: Northern Pier leads to Freeport, Southern Pier leads to Firiona Vie in Kunark, Merchants that sell Food and other goods, also many houses representing all the races on Faydwer
  • 2. Stone with Guard
  • 3. Ancient Stone Ring, protected by Dwarves
  • 4. Huts with Merchants who sell Food, Cookie Molds, Smithing Molds, Brewing Supplies and Books, and other Goods
  • 5. Goblin Camp
  • 6. Partially destroyed Ancient Stone Ring with a small goblin camp
  • 7. The Chessboard ("renovated" on 7/14/2013 patch)
  • 8. Dwarf Hut
  • 9. Tower with Guards and High Elf Merchant selling Food and other goods
  • 10. Bandit Camp with Peg Leg and others
  • 11. Goblin Warrior Camp
  • 12. Bandit Camp
  • 13. Altar
  • 14. Stone Pillar protected by Orcs
  • 15. Goblin Camp
  • 16. Dwarf Houses which sell Leather Armor and Sewing Patterns
  • 17. Abandoned Guard House
  • 18. "The Crossroads" - Guard House with Nyzil Bloodforge
  • 19. Merchants who sell Clay, Firing Sheets, Chain Armor, tailoring patterns, Large Sewing Kit and other goods
  • 20. Druid Ring with Merchant selling Druid Spells
  • 21. Haunted Tower
  • 22. Goblin Camp, Spawn Point for Corflunk Placeholder
  • 23. Stone Tower
  • 24. Enraged Goblins

Safe/Evac Spot

Just southeast of Kaladim (2550, -700)


While there are some mobs that you will want to avoid in your early levels, there is nothing really to be afraid of. The greatest danger is you the player. Players can take on too much and get themselves killed. Try not to take on too many mobs or a mob that is too tough and you will be just fine.

There are some danger areas to keep in mind. These include the Chessboard, the undead tower, and the goblin camps. All of these areas have multiple mobs that can overwhelm a newer character. You will want to wait until level 9 before attempting these camps.


This is one of a few zones that you can stay in from just starting out until your character is in the teens. Just like Faydwer itself Butcherblock Mountains is self sufficient. You have merchants to sell to, plenty of mobs to hunt to level, guards will help if you need to run, tradeskill NPCs are readily available, and there is easy access to Kaladim for anything that you may need that is not available in Butcherblock. The zone has never really been crowded so hunting is really only limited to what you can do.

Traveling To and From

There are a few ways to get here but the zone is like a maze as you cannot go over the mountains.

The boat from Ocean of Tears to the west

The Greater Faydark to the east.

Dagnor's Caauldron is in the southern wall.

Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guides

The Kaladim Stormguard regularly patrols the Butcherblock, and they have done so for hundreds of years. Nonetheless, the dwarves generally welcome the help an adventurer brings since, despite constant patrolling, the mountains still support and hide goblins. Other dangers lurk in the mountains as well. Some folk fear the ogre outlaws, who stubbornly refuse to be beaten back from their ancestral home in Faydwer. Others speak in whispers about spectral creatures that gather on dark nights to serve evil gods as game pieces on an enormous, weathered chess set in a secluded canyon.

The Butcherblock Mountains are the backyard for the Dwarves of Kaladim. The zone is a newbie zone that one can spend the better part of their first 20 levels in. There is plenty to kill and quests to do.

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