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This page will eventually list all of the known patch history for EQ Live. For known patch notes during EQ Beta, see EQBeta Patch History. The great majority of these patch messages were initially drawn from Allakhazam's patch history. However, some patch messages over the years were missed by Allakhazam's and thus were drawn from other sources such as Internet Archives of the EQLive forums where possible. Unless otherwise noted above the patch message, all patch messages came from Allakhazam's.

For a downloadable, text-based copy of all known patch messages represented here and beyond (from 1999 - 2016), until such time as they are packaged for download on this wiki, see

Classic Era

The classic era describes the period of time between March 1999 and April 2000. This time period coincides with the initial release of Everquest until the release of its first expansion, Ruins of Kunark.

The patch messages shown below are divided into minor eras within the classic time period that roughly correspond to when significant changes took place.

Classic Core Era Plane of Fear Era Temple of Solusek Ro Era Plane of Hate Era Plane of Sky Era

Kunark Era

Kunark Core Era Hole Era Epic Quests Era

Velious Era

Velious Core Era Warrens Era Stonebrunt Era Chardok Revamp Era

Luclin Era


Luclin Core Era

Unordered Listing