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Raid encounters include those mobs which either require a substantial force to kill (e.g. gods and dragons) or are long respawn targets killed for a specific purpose other than exp (e.g. Sir Lucan). They are often the boss, or one of several bosses, of a particular zone. At the bottom is all mobs in the "Raid Encounters" category. Here is a list, by era, in approximate order of increasing difficulty within each subcategory.

This page will be updated as new zones and encounters are released on FV servers. We are currently working on releasing Kunark zones. Any raid encounters listed with strikethrough are not yet available, but on the roadmap!

Old World Kunark

Kedge Keep

Nagafen's Lair

Permafrost Keep

Plane of Hate

Plane of Fear

Plane of Sky

The Hole

Karnor's Castle

Chardok Royals


Veeshan's Peak