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Tradeskills in EverQuest allow you to construct useful items from component pieces. You construct these things to help you in your profession, as well as providing a secondary source of income. To get started with a tradeskill, visit a merchant of the skill you wish to learn. He will have the books and kits which you need to begin your career.

Once you’ve carefully read a book appropriate to your trade skill and acquired the component pieces necessary to build the item, you may attempt to construct it. Start by right-clicking on the container used for the tradeskill. (If the container is stationery — it can’t be moved — left-click it instead.) This will open a window to which you drag the component parts from your inventory to the available slots in the container. Double-check that all of the correct parts have been placed in the container (unstacked!), then click on “Combine”.

If you skillfully worked your trade skill you will get a new item(s). If you blundered, all of the disposable components usually disappear anyway, along with all of the component pieces placed into the container.

There are no level limits to your advancement in a trade skill, but the skill cap for all trade skills is level 200. And your initial level in most trade skills will never be higher than 20.

Baking, Blacksmithing, Brewing, Fletching, Jewelry Making, Pottery and Tailoring are the common trade skills, available to anyone from the beginning of the game. Alchemy is a trade skill only available to Shamans who have reached level 25. Poison Making is a trade skill only available to Rogues who have reached level 20. Tinkering is a trade skill only available to Gnomes who have reached level 16. And the spell Research skills are only available to their respective casters — Enchanters, Magicians, Necromancers and Wizards, also beginning at level 16.

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Alchemy :: Baking :: Blacksmithing :: Brewing :: Fletching :: Jewelry Making :: Poison Making :: Pottery :: Research :: Tailoring :: Tinkering

Tradeskill Containers

Brew BarrelForgeKilnPottery WheelLoomSewing KitFletching Kit
OvenMixing BowlSpitJeweler's KitToolboxesTackle Box
Medicine BagBearskin Potion Bag"Always Works" containers