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The known world of EverQuest is referred to by scholars as Norrath, although very few are aware of its entirety. Three continents fill the hemisphere, and whether other lands lay beyond the oceans to the east and west, no one knows, or at least admits to such knowledge. Rumors of different planes and dimensions even surface occasionally, but most believe these to be mere ramblings of madmen.

Listing By Continent

Sortable Listing

Zone Long Name Zone Short Name Zone ID Number
South Qeynos qeynos 1
North Qeynos qeynos2 2
The Surefall Glade qrg 3
The Qeynos Hills qeytoqrg 4
Highpass Hold highpass 5
High Keep highkeep 6
North Freeport freportn 8
West Freeport freportw 9
East Freeport freporte 10
The Liberated Citadel of Runnyeye runnyeye 11
The Western Plains of Karana qey2hh1 12
The Northern Plains of Karana northkarana 13
The Southern Plains of Karana southkarana 14
Eastern Plains of Karana eastkarana 15
Gorge of King Xorbb beholder 16
Blackburrow blackburrow 17
The Lair of the Splitpaw paw 18
Rivervale rivervale 19
Kithicor Forest kithicor 20
West Commonlands commons 21
East Commonlands ecommons 22
The Erudin Palace erudnint 23
Erudin erudnext 24
The Nektulos Forest nektulos 25
Sunset Home cshome 26
The Lavastorm Mountains lavastorm 27
Halas halas 29
Everfrost Peaks everfrost 30
Solusek's Eye soldunga 31
Nagafen's Lair soldungb 32
Misty Thicket misty 33
Northern Desert of Ro nro 34
Southern Desert of Ro sro 35
Befallen befallen 36
Oasis of Marr oasis 37
Toxxulia Forest tox 38
Neriak - Foreign Quarter neriaka 40
Neriak - Commons neriakb 41
Neriak - 3rd Gate neriakc 42
Najena najena 44
The Qeynos Aqueduct System qcat 45
Innothule Swamp innothule 46
The Feerrott feerrott 47
The Temple of Cazic-Thule cazicthule 48
Oggok oggok 49
The Rathe Mountains rathemtn 50
Lake Rathetear lakerathe 51
Grobb grobb 52
The Greater Faydark gfaydark 54
Ak'Anon akanon 55
Steamfont Mountains steamfont 56
The Lesser Faydark lfaydark 57
Crushbone crushbone 58
The Castle of Mistmoore mistmoore 59
South Kaladim kaladima 60
Northern Felwithe felwithea 61
Southern Felwithe felwitheb 62
The Estate of Unrest unrest 63
Kedge Keep kedge 64
The City of Guk guktop 65
The Ruins of Old Guk gukbottom 66
North Kaladim kaladimb 67
Butcherblock Mountains butcher 68
Ocean of Tears oot 69
Dagnor's Cauldron cauldron 70
The Permafrost Caverns permafrost 73
Kerra Isle kerraridge 74
The Arena arena 77
Erud's Crossing erudsxing 98