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There are several limitations inherent in the use of newer clients (Titanium, UF, RoF2) supported by the eqemu server that prevent 100% accurate emulation of the earlier expansions released before these clients were created.


Features of the Trilogy Client Absent from EQEmu-Compatible Clients

  • Message Boards
  • MIDI Music
  • Ambient Music
  • Spell Bolts
  • Droppable Coin
  • Fully Operational Boats
  • Human Night Blindness
  • Forced Spellbook Meditation
  • Original / Velious UIs
  • Stamina Bar and Combat Fatigue
  • Pre-Endurance Discipline System
  • Soul Bound Keys
  • Original Tradeskill System
  • Single Chat Window Communication

Significant Features Added After Trilogy Client

  • Maps
  • Luclin UI (Multi-Chat Window and Skin Customization)
  • Luclin Model Revamps
  • Zone Geometry Revamps
  • Weapon Texture Revamps
  • Target Circles
  • Dedicated Pet Window
  • Dedicated Bard Song Buff Window
  • Dedicated Raid Window
  • Audio Triggers
  • Alternate Advancement and Leadership Experience
  • Charm Item Slot
  • Shared Banking
  • Out of Combat Regeneration
  • Mouse Wheel Zoom
  • Item Links
  • Armor Dyes
  • Augments
  • Mounts

Abilities that were later changed to AA's

  • Lay on Hands
  • Harm Touch


The December 18, 2003 patch (occurring between the LDoN and GoD expansions) changed stamina to endurance along with the introduction of melee disciplines. Versions of the Everquest client released after this date no longer support the original behavior of stamina or spells that had stamina effects.

See Project 1999 Discussions on this topic:

Client UI and QoL Improvements

There have been numerous updates to the Everquest client over the years since it first released. The core server supports a subset of those client versions with the earliest version being the Titanium Client (Built ~Oct 2005 and released ~Jan 2006). Below is an abbreviated/summarized listing of updates listed in the original patch messages prior to the release of the Titanium client. These changes in the client may contribute to user experience inconsistencies between features available between the original Everquest launch date and that client's creation date.

Client Build Date Release Date
Everquest Trilogy Client  ? 17 September 2001
Titanium Client 31 October 2005 10:33:37 10 January 2006
Secrets of Faydwer (SoF) Client  ? 13 November 2007
Seeds of Destruction (SoD) Client  ? 21 October 2008
Underfoot (UF) Client  ? 15 December 2009
RoF (Rain of Fear) 10 December 2012 17:35:44 28 November 2012
RoF2 (Rain of Fear 2) 10 May 2013 23:30:08 17 April 2013

Original Everquest Release

13 September 1999

  • New Emotes: - Here is a list of new emotes that have been added to the game: agree, amaze, apologize, applaud, plead, bite, bleed, blink, blush, boggle, bonk, bored, brb, burp, bye, cackle, calm, clap, comfort, congratulate, cough, cringe, curious, dance, drool, duck, eye, gasp, giggle, glare, grin, groan, grovel, happy, hungry, introduce, jk (just kidding), kneel, lost, massage, moan, mourn, peer, point, ponder, puzzle, raise, ready, roar, salute, shiver, shrug, sigh, smirk, snarl, snicker, stare, tap, tease, thank, thirsty, veto, welcome, whine, whistle, yawn.
  • There is a new pet command: /pet taunt and /pet notaunt. Pets default to /pet taunt
  • Summoned food and water will now disappear when the user logs out.
  • Summoned items will no longer remain indefinitely when placed within a bag in the bank.

28 September 1999

  • A Yes/No request window is now brought up when ever turning in the PK note to the Priest of Discord.
  • It is now possible to manually reorganize icons within the spell book. This may be performed by right-clicking on the currently placed icon (the icon will then be highlighted), then right-clicking on the desired slot you wish to move it.
  • It is now possible to place items marked as "No Drop" in the bank.
  • When viewing an invisible PC with See Invisible, the name will be shown in parentheses over the character.
  • All beneficial speed spells may be canceled left-clicking on the spell icon.
  • We have also made revisions to the /text command section of the EverQuest manual.

13 October 1999

  • To address trade fraud (players removing items/money immediately prior to trading to deceive the other player), items/money may only be removed by clicking on the "Cancel" button.
  • When receiving a text message from either an NPC or PC speaking in a language other than "Common Tongue", if the user's language skill is high enough, the language being spoken will be noted preceding the text.

8 December 1999

  • /Pet No Taunt and /pet taunt now works

Ruins of Kunark Released

16 May 2000

  • Sounds have been updated for NPCs in Kunark. Your Iksar should no longer sound like humans.
  • /yell now reports the proper direction to people hearing the yell.

19 July 2000

  • You can no longer cast invisibility on any pet.
  • Foul language issued through /emote will now be handled by the profanity filter.
  • A new command has been implemented in the EverQuest client. This command (/hidecorpses) allows players to suppress the display of player and NPC corpses on the screen. This can be very useful once you've entered a zone with a large number of corpes, causing framerate to decay. It will be particularly useful in the planes. The command supports the following arguments:
    • ALL: Hides all corpses except yours.
    • ALLBUTGROUP: Hides all corpses except yours and those of people in your group.
    • NONE: No longer hides corpses.
  • Ressurection: The resurrection confirmation box will now report the name of the person casting the spell as well as what spell they are casting. Furthermore, experience will not be "removed" from your corpse until you accept the resurrection by choosing YES. Previously, any resurrection spell, if declined, would cause the experience to be unrecoverable.

1 August 2000

  • Canned emotes (e.g. /point) now work on NPCs. In addition, the range for canned emotes has been increased.
  • /who all "guildname" should now work for players who have /roleplay turned on.
  • Preferences for the mouselook will be saved in your options file. Those who turn mouselook off each time when starting EQ will only have to do it once more.
  • The "Chat Filter" tab in "Options" now has an option to filter messages caused by damage shields hitting others.
  • Fast Drop - The new client allows players to set "Item Dropping" preferences on the "General" options tab. The three options that can be set are:
    • FAST DROP: Items are dropped without confirmation.
    • CONFIRM: A confirmation box will be displayed whenever you try to drop an item.
    • NEVER: You are not allowed to drop items on the ground. < br/>
  • Alternatively, you can also set these options using the /fastdrop command. The arguments are:
    • ON: Same as option "Fast Drop" on the General Tab.
    • OFF: Same as option "Confirm" on the General Tab.
    • NEVER: Same as above.

Please note that whatever your setting, coin will always be dropped without confirmation. Additionally, the FastDrop option only applies to items being dropped upon the ground. Handing items to NPCs will still work regardless of your FastDrop setting. It is highly recommended that you use option "CONFIRM", as GMs will not reimburse any items that are accidentally dropped.

9 August 2000

  • The /help command will now list all /-commands available to you.
  • The Guild-invite toggle in display options will now work.
  • New option for those with tracking: /trackplayers. The command will work for all players with the tracking skill. The command has two settings:
    • ON: Default setting, same as it is now. Players will show up in the tracking window.
    • OFF: Players will not show up in the tracking window.
  • EQCLIENT.INI added to Everquest directory to allow for customizable settings (more details in original patch message)

30 August 2000

  • The /book command (/book #) now accepts pages 1 through 50, and will switch to the proper page.
  • Opening your spellbook will automatically cause you to begin meditating providing that you have the skill.
  • Removed the /meditate command since it is no longer necessary.
  • You can now activate a hotkey while the spellbook is open by pressing the corresponding number-key.
  • The "/target [name]" command can be used to target other players by name. Please note that this ability is subject to the range to the target.
  • The @-character can be used in emotes to indicate a target. For instance, if you target "a gnoll" and type "/emote laughs cruelly at @", the output will be, "Playername laughs cruelly at a gnoll".
  • People with the /LFG (Looking for Group) flag set will now have their over-head name prefixed with an asterisk. Remember that you can search for people looking for a group by using the "/who" and "/who all" commands. Typing "/who all ranger 40 50 lfg" will return a list of all rangers between 40 and 50 that are looking for a group.
  • The "Sense" series (Undead, Animal, and Summoned) will no longer point you towards people's pets.
  • Voice recognition technology implemented last week (requires voice recognition engine compliant with MS Speech API (SAPI) v4.0.

19 September 2000

  • Animations with custom emotes have been implemented.
  • Custom AFK messages implemented ("/afk grabbing a snack" will reply to tells with that message)
  • Skill Gain - The skill-gain rate of many skills is now further modified by character stats. This will allow those with natural affinities towards certain skills to improve at a greater rate.
  • Tradeskill Specializations implemented - players can now exceed 200 points in ONE of the tradeskills (specialization limit does not include race or class-specific tradeskills i.e. Alchemy, Make Poison, and Tinkering)

28 September 2000

  • "AFK" and "LD" status will now be reported above player's heads.
  • Moving and Resizing Windows
    • The data windows in the full screen "HUD" mode may now be moved by clicking in the upper left-hand corner, moving them to where you want, then clicking again. The "spell effect" and "chat" windows can be resized by clicking on the lower right-hand corner, dragging to the appropriate size, and then clicking again. Coordinates for window locations in each resolution are stored in the EQCLIENT.INI file.
  • Added the following /-commands:
    • /camp: Causes your character to camp out. You must be sitting to use /camp.
    • /disband: Will disband you from your current group, or turn down an invitation to join another group.
    • /invite: Will invite the target into a group, or accept an invitation if one is pending.
    • /attack: Will toggle the state of "Auto-attack". You may also add a parameter of "on" or "off" to explicitly set the state.
  • CTRL-1 through CTRL-8 will cast the spell in the specified spell-slot.
  • ":" (colon: Short for /emote) and "'" (apostrophe: Short for /say) will now bring up the chat line in the same fashion as the /-key and ENTER.
  • The "R" key (by default) takes you into reply-mode as always, bringing up a reply to the last person sending you a /tell. However, you can now TAB and SHIFT-TAB to cycle through the last 10 people that have sent you /tells.
  • Pauses in Socials implemented
    • You may now enter pauses in social batches with the /pause command. (additional details in original patch message)
  • Emote Codes
    • The @ symbol has been replaced with a series of %-codes that expand into various pieces of information, and now works in ALL chat channels (emote, say, shout, ooc, auction, group, guild).
    • The new %-codes are:
      •  %T - Returns the current target.
      •  %S - Returns the subjective gender-specific pronoun for the target (He, She, It).
      •  %O - Returns the objective gender-specific pronoun for the target (Him, Her, It).
      •  %P - Returns the posessive gender-specific pronoun for the target (His, Her, Its).
      •  %R - Returns the race of the target (only works on Player characters).

15 November 2000

  • DirectX 7 or higher required to play EQ (client is now compiled against DirectX 7)
  • Today's patch also includes the new "Sound Engine" that we've been speaking about for some time. The new sound engine supports additional EAX features and should address the concerns of SBLive users that have been posted in the past.
  • You now have 10 pages of 10 hotboxes each when in full screen mode.
  • You can now customize 10 pages of 12 socials each, increasing the total number of available socials by 108.
  • All key mappings are now stored in the EQCLIENT.INI file.
  • Fixed all known problems with the clipping plane slider. Users should now see differences for the entire range of adjustment in zones that support an adjustable clipping plane.
  • Players can now set custom text colors while in game. /usercolor:
    • Usage "/usercolor UserColorNumber R G B" where "UserColorNumber is the number of the color as indicated in the EQCLIENT.INI file, and R, G, and B are red, green and blue respectively. All changes will be automatically saved to your EQCLIENT.INI file.
  • OPT files in your EverQuest directory now have a number after the character name indicating the server number. As such, you will now be able to have characters of the same name on two separate servers with different custom options.
  • The eqlog.txt file now has a name that includes the server number and character name. For instance, if your character is named "Bobb", and you are on Server 1, your log text file name would be eqlog_01_Bobb.txt.
  • Added two new entries to the "Defaults" section of the EQCLIENT.INI
    • file: AttackOnAssist=TRUE|FALSE - Sets whether or not your autoattack turns on automatically when assisting. Defaults to "TRUE".
    • ShowInspectMessage=TRUE|FALSE - Sets whether or not you see the "Soandso is inspecting you" message. Defaults to "TRUE".
  • Custom key mappings have been greatly enhanced. You can now set two keys, a primary and an alternate, for each function in game. In addition, things that were previously not customizable can now be set to a key of your preference. Left-click on the key identifier to set the primary key, right-click to set the secondary.
  • Added the /note command. /note will append the following text to a file called "notes.txt" in your EverQuest directory. For instance, typing "/note This is a note" will put "This is a note" on the next line in the notes.txt file.

29 November 2000

  • Changed customizable key mappings so that the ESC key will clear the "NOKEY" setting instead of the "Backspace". This means that you can now assign "Backspace" to a function in game.

Scars of Velious Released

6 December 2000

  • The transparent inventory screen will no longer come up in 640x480 resolution. It was not supposed to come up as the available screen space is not large enough to house the new screen.
  • "Disabled" windows in full screen mode will no longer interfere with mouse clicks.
  • Screenshots are again enabled.

19 December 2000

  • Added parameters to the /camp command (the command that will cause you to camp out if you are already sitting). "/camp server" will take you back to the server selection screen. "/camp desktop" will take you out to the desktop following a successful camp. Despite popular request, "/camp spawn" will not be implemented.
  • Added the /chatfontsize [0 to 5] (default is 1) command. This command will allow players to adjust the size of the font in the chat window.

9 January 2001

  • The additional options for /camp (/camp server, /camp desktop) have been implemented. /camp server will take you to the server-selection screen. /camp desktop will cause EverQuest to terminate and take you to the desktop.
  • In order to prevent the accidental looting of NODROP items, the /lootnodrop command has been added to the client. The command supports three options: ALWAYS (Default) - You will be presented with a yes/no confirmation box when attempting to loot any NODROP item. SOMETIMES - You will be presented with a yes/no confirmation box when attempting to loot any NODROP items that your race and/or class cannot use. NEVER - NODROP items will be looted without confirmation.

17 January 2001

  • The stronger /lootnodrop options will no longer prompt you for confirmation when looting your own corpse. It is highly suggested that everyone reset their option to the strongest security available: /lootnodrop ALWAYS (always ask for confirmation).
  • You can now use the arrow and enter keys to select characters in the character select screen. In addition, the last character you chose will be automatically hilighted when entering that screen. This value is stored in the EQCLIENT.INI file as "LastCharSel=0-7"
  • You can now reverse the left and right channels on your speakers using the /reversesound command. This should be very useful for those who have had to place their speakers backwards due to cable lengths.

21 February 2001

  • Added text labels to the fullview inventory window "body" slots (Available only to Velious Subscribers)
  • Added the ability to toggle those labels on and off. Use /invwinlabels [on/off] (or no arguments to toggle). This is saved in the eqclient.ini file in the [Defaults] section with the key InvWinLabels=[TRUE/FALSE]
  • The mouse pointer will now move at a multiple of its normal speed when you adjust the MousePointerSpeedMod setting in the eqclient.ini file. You can set that multiple on-the-fly with the /mousespeed command.
  • The "AutoHelp" feature that can be set under the options menu has been enhanced. Spell casters in particular might want to turn it on and try depressing the ALT key. It's perfect for refreshing your memory in regards to your spell lineup.
  • Tracking - Tracking now works in full view for all classes that can use it, and sports a nifty scroll bar that allows players to see everything on the list. In addition, the /trackplayer setting is now saved to the eqclient.ini file.
    • The following options have been put in for Rangers only:
      • /tracksort
      • /trackfilter < br />
    • /tracksort options beginning with R are reverse order

6 March 2001

  • Players have expressed concern about accidentally inspecting other players. You can now turn on or off your ability to inspect other players by typing /inspect.
  • Those of you with z-axis mouse wheels on your mice may use them over the chat window.
  • EQGems added to client (/gems)

14 March 2001

  • Shift-clicking on a stack of items will cause you to pick up the whole stack. This is in addition to CTRL-clicking on a stack, which will cause you to pick up one. These both also work for coins now as well as items.
  • In addition to the above, holding down the shift key while clicking the "Sell" button in the vendor screen will cause you to sell the entire stack of items if a stack is selected. For example, you can sell 20 peridots by selecting the stack, and shift-clicking "Sell". I'd recommend though that you give them to your neighborhood cleric first though :) The ability to buy stacks is on the list for implementation in the near future.

27 March 2001

  • Fixed a problem that occurred when players mistyped /guild. Typing /guildd in the chat window is the shortcut for typing /guilddelete. /guildd now has a confirmation box so that such an error should no longer lead to the accidental deletion of a guild.
  • Added /showspelleffects. Using this toggle ('on' or 'off') a player can turn on or off the display of particle effects for spells. This will only affect spells, not world effects like waterfalls or weapon particle effects. This should allow you to turn off many of the effects that hamper rendering performance, inducing effects of spells, while still being able to see some of the awesome effects, like those on certain paladin weapons...
  • - Shift - Left and Shift - Right will now repeat in the chat window. This means that when editing what you've typed, you can just hold down the Shift and Left Arrow keys and the cursor will move left until it reaches the beginning of the line or until you release the keys.
  • The spell slot number will now show up in front of the spell name when you press Alt to cast a spell using the Alt-Spell Number method.
  • - View perspective in wolf form has been fixed. First-person view will now be on level with the wolf, rather than a few feet above it. At the same time, perceiving other players in wolf form will appear to be standing on the ground instead of floating a few feet above it.
  • In order to prevent a few trade scams, money can no longer be removed from a trade window. You will have to cancel the trade and start over to adjust the amount of money involved in the trade.

4 April 2001

  • Added Guild Message of the Day (/guildmotd)
  • /assist changed and improved. It should be much more reliable now. It also will target whatever the assisted person has targeted. The assisted person does not need to have auto-attack on for /assist to work.

17 April 2001

  • Added the ability to change the color of all windows at one time with /wincolor (all windows that can be changed, that is). You can now use /wincolor ALL 0 0 100 2, for example, instead of having to set each window separately.
  • Right-clicking items while looting will 'auto-equip' them. This will work just as if you had picked the items up and dropped them onto the 'auto-equip' area of your character profile. So if there is already a piece of equipment on your character in the spot where the looted item would normally go, it will drop into your inventory, if you have room for it.
  • The tab key will no longer toggle between you and your last target when the chat bar is up. When the chat bar is open the tab key will take you through the list of your most recent /tell names or /reply names. When the chat bar is closed the tab key will switch you between yourself and your last target.
  • /assist has an added parameter. /assist on and /assist off will determine whether or not your character auto-attacks when you use /assist. So if you type /assist off, from that time forward using /assist will NOT engage your character's auto-attack. This change will be persistent, so it will remain as you left it when you log out. /assist also now has a range of 200 feet.
  • The destroy confirmation requestor now shows the name of the item you are trying to destroy, or it just says money if you are destroying coins. This should greatly reduce the chance of accidentally deleting the wrong item. PLEASE read the text in the destroy confirmation box to be certain that you are destroying the right item before choosing to destroy it.
  • Hailing Player Character will now say 'Hail Playername', rather than just 'hail'.
  • Added /charinfo command. Currently this command only reports the zone where the current character is bound. We may add further information as things progress.
  • You will now see how much damage your character has taken when he is hit by a spell that causes instant damage (DOT damage is not reported).
  • Velious Monk armor appearances have been changed. If you're wearing these items, you probably already noticed this, but we thought we'd announce it anyway. New textures will be showing on the Plane of Growth dropped armors and on the questable armors. Because the Velious textures can be a strain on some systems, the textures for these new armors will not be loaded by default by the game. If you want to see the new textures you will have to edit your EQClient.ini and change the line LoadArmor23=FALSE (the default) to LoadArmor23=TRUE.

8 May 2001

  • Expanded Friends List: The Friends List will now hold 30 character names. And each character has its own friends list. You can find and edit this list with a text editor, if you need to, outside the game. You can locate the text files in your EverQuest directory. The files will look like this: _<#>.ini. The default Friends List for existing and new characters will be your old Friends List.
  • The destroy or drop item confirmation box will now close if you accidentally pick up another item while they are open. This should prevent accidentally deleting or dropping the wrong item.
  • When selling to a merchant, you can no longer sell items that are inside a container by having the container selected and clicking the sell button. The merchant will tell you that you need to empty the container before the merchant will buy it. This should prevent folks from accidentally selling items that they did not know were in those containers.
  • You can now move items around inside containers that are in the bank.

30 May 2001

  • The variable %t will now work with /assist. So you can use /assist %t if you wish. Though it should have exactly the same effect as /assist without the %t.
  •  %r returns "corpse" for corpses and "NPC" for targeted NPCs.
  • Ignore Lists now work the same way that the Friends List does. It has been expanded to 30 names per character per server. The new ignore list is stored in the same ini file as the friends list _<#>.ini). The first time a character is created or loaded after the patch their new ignore list will be a copy of the old ignore list, but will from then on be unique to the character.
  • The Alt key now works in several new situations. It will now show item names when in the trade window. Because the trade items of the local player and the trading partner are so close together, the item names of the trading partner will always show up unless the player positions their mouse pointer over the local player part of the trade window, which will cause the game to only show the local player's trade item names.
  • The Alt key will show item names for items in your bank.
  • The Alt key will also pop up names for merchant items and corpse items when you hold it down in merchant mode or loot mode.
  • The Alt key will even pop up names for items in open containers when held down and the mouse cursor is over the open container window (they don't show up otherwise).
  • The client will now automatically reject a /duel request from any player that is on your /ignore list. Some players were using this to annoy players that had ignored them.
  • You also will no longer see /consent messages from people that are on your /ignore list (this was also something people were doing to annoy people that had ignored them).
  • /who GUILD (and the GUILD must be in caps) will now show you the members of your guild in your zone. You can also specify a guild name, such as /who "Irontoe Brigade".
  • /safelock command added. /safelock will lock the EverQuest interface (mostly just mouse clicks, keyboard commands/movement, and most slash commands) with the password that you supply to the command. You must use this command a second time, supplying the same password, to unlock the interface. Passwords are NOT case-sensitive. So to lock your interface, you would type /safelock password. You would do the same to unlock it. REMEMBER: If you forget what password you typed, you will need to reboot your machine.

27 June 2001

  • Spell and Item Interruption: Ducking will now interrupt a spell instantly. You will no longer be able to sit while using items or casting spells. This will not affect bard songs, which will still work as they always have, but will affect all items, even those with song-like effects.
  • Mastery of language skills now occurs at 100, not at 101. This was a problem for masters of a language, since language skills could not go over 100.

24 July 2001

  • /target playername will now work on invisible targets as long as the character doing the targeting has the ability to see invisible.

25 September 2001

  • Mouselook will now work a little differently when in the first two third-person camera modes (overhead and chase). They will work similarly to first-person mouselook (i.e. your character's heading will change when you move the mouse left or right, the left and right movement keys will cause your player to strafe, and the camera angle will pitch up or down when you move the mouse forward or back). These changes should make those first two third-person camera modes more useful.

7 November 2001

  • We have changed the way the /consider command works. We have added a 'light blue' area between green and blue. NPCs that used to /consider green but gave experience will now /consider light blue, as well as NPCs of slightly lower level than those greens. You will always get experience for something that is light blue. You will not receive experience for greens. At the same time, by including lower level NPCs in the light blue /consider, we have increased the range of lower level NPCs that will grant experience. This will be most noticeable for characters of higher level.
  • Added /targetgroupbuff. Type /targetgroupbuff on to activate, off to turn it off. When on, all group buff spells you cast will require a target but will affect everyone grouped (and in range) with that target, even if it is not your own group. When it is off your group buff spells will act normally. This will only work with group buffs that have a duration, and will not affect heals, portals or change form spells.
  • Added code that prevents player characters from dropping coins on the ground. This should prevent the loss of coins due to accident or scam.
  • Made a modification to the chase camera mouselook code. Moving the mouse forward or back in this camera view will make the camera move up and down, and the camera also automatically pitches to keep your character in view.
  • You now see the number of hit points you are healed, and you also now see how many hit points you heal when healing others.

Shadows of Luclin Release

4 December 2001

  • /facepick - this new command will allow those of you with Shadows of Luclin to change your characters face. It will only work for characters using the new models. If you've turned off Gnomes and your character is a Gnome, you will not be able to use this command on that character. And it will, obviously, only work for those with Shadows of Luclin installed.
  • /dismount - This command allows your character to dismount from a horse if for some reason he has lost the ability to do so using the bridle. There is no /mount command, only the bridle will allow you to mount a horse.
  • /stand now implemented. We've added this command because not everyone speaks programmer and would think that the logical reverse of /sit would be /sit off. :)
  • /particledensity command - Switches particle density on the fly without having to click it in the menus and exit the game.

14 December 2001

  • Removed the mipmap setting from in-game Options-->Display menu. The mipmap setting found at the options menu before log in is now the valid way to change mipmapping settings

8 January 2002 Patch

  • Added /tgb as a short version of /targetgroupbuff
  • /shownames now works with the following parameters:
    • no parameter = display the current setting.
    • off = don't show player names over their heads
    • 1 = show only first names of players
    • 2 = show First and Last Name
    • 3 = show First, Last, and Guild (if any)
    • 4 = show Title (if any), First, Last, and Guild (if any)
  • Also, the LFG, AFK and LD tags will always show if names are not off. There will no longer be brackets around them, and LFG will now appear at the end of the name with the AFK and LD tags (instead of being a * at the beginning)
  • A player character will always have a name over its head, even if they are skeletons (unless /shownames is off), with the exception of some rare cases when players are turned into certain NPCs
  • Added /ttell. This will send a tell to the player character that is currently your target. The command will also allow corpses as a valid target. /ttell'ing a player's corpse will auto-tell that player (this was actually patched earlier along with an emergency patch)
  • Added IRC style '/me' as a synonym for /emote (this was actually patched earlier along with an emergency patch)
  • Added '/send' as a synonym for /tell (this was actually patched earlier along with an emergency patch)
  • Added a few new socials: /nudge, /pat, /flex, /fidget, /purr and /smack
  • Changed the automatic targeting code so that it won't automatically target someone that cast a beneficial spell on you

23 January 2002 Patch

  • Holding shift while clicking the resolution in the options in game will reduce the resolution. If you are already in 640x480 though, this does nothing. Normal click increases the resolution as it always has and still wraps back to 640 after the highest resolution your machine supports.
  • Using 1280x1024 and 1600x1200 resolutions, the /wincolor command, and getting the inventory window in fullview mode are now available to all EverQuest players (these features were restricted only to Velious owners)

13 February 2002

  • Improved sound for many users. Should eliminate a lot of the "choppy" sound issues
  • If you right click to auto-inventory an item that you are looting and it will not fit into your inventory, the item will simply appear on your cursor as if you had left clicked on it
  • NPC and PC corpses can now be /considered to find out how long until they decay, and PC corpses additionally tell you how long you have to resurrect them
  • Pets can now be targeted by typing their full name after the /target command (or at least enough of it to distinguish it from the owner)

19 March 2002

  • Added /dopropertinting command. This command allows you to turn on and off the "DoProperTinting" option in the eqclient.ini file. Activating this command should correct most tinting issues (such as armor tint also tinting the character's skin). But if it causes issues you can toggle it off by using /dopropertinting off
  • Added /chat commands, that allow players to create their own chat channels. Please read the eqmanual_supplement.doc in your EverQuest directory for more information
  • Added /hitsmode command. This command allows you to more finely control how you see hits, including seeing them in a window other than your chat window. Please see the eqmanual_supplement.doc for more details
  • Added /clearhits to clear the current hits in the M2-M5 modes of the /hitsmode command. Again, please see the eqmanual_supplement for more information
  • Added /showgrass command. This toggles the radial flora (Luclin only) on and off
  • Added options in the Options screen (under Chat Filter) for filtering out Melee and Spell criticals. Options are All/Me/Off. These can also be activated using the /filter command, and will affect critical hit, critical blast, exceptional heal, and crippling blow messages
  • Changed /filter to allow you to toggle the various chat filter settings (still also lets you toggle the badwords filter)
  • Changed /channel to allow you to set your default chat channel. It also now saves this setting in the INI file
  • Changed the /targetgroupbuff command to be 'persistent'. The state of the switch will be stored in the eqclient.ini file and will be remembered when you log out or zone
  • Fixed the double messages received when "Soandso's song ends"
  • Mend should be working properly. "Can not use Mend for x seconds" can still appear, but you now should be able to use mend at the appropriate time
  • Fixed bug in the client that caused a "You are out of Ammo message" even when you still had ammo
  • Messages should no longer be lost while you are zoning
  • Corpses that are made to appear at the "safe spot" of a zone for any reason can now be moved using /corpse as long as the person using the command has /consent for that corpse
  • Added "AllLuclinPcModelsOff" line to the eqclient.ini file which, if set to TRUE, will skip the loading of all of the Luclin PC models (except the Vah Shir, which always gets loaded no matter what this is set to). This should allow players to set the loading of each race and sex individually for their normal game play, but then quickly turn all models off for a raid or other such circumstances
  • Added /rtarget function (can be used as /rt). This function targets the last character to send you a /tell. It follows all of the rules for /target
  • Messages sent to you while you are zoning should be saved and sent to you when you reach the other side of the zone. Messages should no longer be lost while zoning (unless zoning takes more than about 10 minutes for any reason)
  • You should be able to keep typing whatever you were in the middle of typing when you zoned... but it might not be processed till you're in the new zone
  • If someone is on your ignore list and they do a /random, you shouldn't see it anymore

21 March 2002

  • Added more info to the /hitsmode help
  • Added another option to the /hitsmode command to allow users to force the windows to be displayed even if empty
  • New Hitsmode Usage: /hitsmode Where: is 1 to force the window to draw even if empty.
  • Changed it so hitsmode windows do NOT draw when in "normal" old UI mode (e.g. spellbook)

12 June 2002

  • '/pet notaunt' and '/pet no taunt' turn taunt off
  • '/pet taunt off' turns it off as well
  • '/pet taunt on' turns taunt on instead of toggling it; NOTE: '/pet taunt' still toggles taunt as it did before
  • '/pet health report' reports a pet's health
  • '/pet health' also reports a pet's health
  • '/pet stand' causes the pet to stand up
  • '/pet sit' causes the pet to sit down

24 July 2002 Patch

  • New UI (post Classic/Velious) becomes available which includes resizable windows, fading windows, a pet control window, and flexibility through the XML files
  • Bazaar now available - added /bazaar and /trader functions (requires new interface turned on)
  • Added /viewport command (only available with new UI): /viewport [distance from left, distance from top, width, height]
  • New Vah Shir models added for use in old world which require less less memory (you can turn off the Vah Shir Luclin models)
  • Added /makeleader command to allow leader of a group to reassign the group leader to someone else

14 August 2002 Patch

  • New Graphical Compass added to new UI

4 September 2002

  • Items now display level-restricted statistics besides armor class and damage as a red number with the unrestricted value in parentheses.
  • Storebought spells can be deleted from your spellbook (right click spell and tap the DELETE key)
  • Item Links: When you inspect an item with Alt-Left-Click, the item inspect window stays up. To paste a "link" to the item you're looking at into your chat bar, click on the item's graphic. That will "speak" a link that others can click on to see the stats of the item, as if they were inspecting it themselves.
  • Updated the /note window. The old /note command still works as it always has. But you can now use /note without additional text to produce a text window for entering note text. The /note command window should not break existing skins.
  • Added UI Label type #74 = Player Title
  • "Reply to" will properly prepend a ;tell in front of names that are from other servers.
  • Extended the "reply to" queue to 50 names.
  • Fixed some aesthetics with labels. Percentages will never show above 100 now (even during a heal). Corpse HP will always show 0.
  • There will now be sound when banking coins.
  • Added Focus Effect search parameter to the Bazaar.
  • Merchants now display up to 80 items in their inventory. There should also be less delay when opening up merchant windows.
  • The Help window will now be displayed on startup. This will happen only if it has never been seen before (since this change).
  • Sirens should have female voices.
  • Bloodgill Goblins should now sound like goblins.
  • Bards singing songs should no longer prevent group members from /split'ting coins. Only teleportation spells being cast in group will prevent /split'ting. This change was required to keep coin from disappearing if a /split occurred while a person was in the process of leaving a zone.

26 September 2002

  • New Spell effects added using new particle effects engine (new effects are faster and give you more control over how they look)
  • Display tab of options window changed to add four options regarding particle effects: Spell Particles->Near Clip Plane, Spell Particles->Density, Spell Particles->Opacity; these only work on the new particle effects; older spell effects are controlled by the "Other Particles" option
  • Added /Gems to the new UI (it is now available in both User Interfaces)
  • The New User Interface will default to ON.
  • Added Item Tags to list of buttons in the Chat Options page, you can now change the color of the tags.
  • Item Tags now appear as part of the standard "You have looted an X" messages.

16 October 2002

  • New Alarm feature added
  • /played now displays how long you have been playing this session and, if an alarm has been set, how long until that alarm sounds.
  • /pet sit down should now work on charmed NPCs
  • Added 3 new context menu options for chat windows: Reply To, Tell a friend, Tell a Raidmember (for future use). Each of which has a submenu containing the list of Reply targets, Friends, or Raidmembers, as appropriate. Clicking on the player's name will place "/tell " on the chat entry line, and move the focus there, closing the menu.
  • Changed /loadskin. It now brings up a window that will allow you to select a skin from a list, determine whether to use the INI or not, then load the skin.
  • Beastlord pets are changed from an ability (where level-appropriate buffs spells raise the pet level) to pet summoning spells; Beastlord pets no longer zone
  • /face (face picker) will no longer work while under the effects of an illusion
  • /SHIELD added as an innate warrior ability at level 35 (not mentioned until the patch message on 17 October)

Planes of Power Release

25 October 2002

  • Added a toggle command for combat music called /combatmusic
  • Added /mixahead command. You should only use this command if you are experiencing sounds skipping. The default value for this command is 8. Basically, this command tells the sound engine how far ahead to pre-mix your sound.

9 January 2003 Patch

  • Demise of the Classic/Velious Interface - disabled as of today
  • Everquest can now be run in a window
  • Songs window added (holds up to 6 bard song buffs, generally the 3-tick songs)

15 January 2003 Patch

  • Cartography (Maps) was added during LDoN
  • New Magic Item slot: Charms
  • Expanded bank capacity
  • Enhanced Looking for Group Tool
  • Introduced Story Window (ALT+N)
  • Item links reinstated in new interface (previously introduced in Velious interface)

Legacy of Ykesha Release

24 February 2003 Patch

  • /guildmotd command modified
  • Added /getguildmotd as an alternative to getting the guildmotd from the guild management window

13 March 2003 Patch

  • Added a command to allow you to toggle your target between your two last targets (unlike Tab which toggles between your character and your last target). To set the key that activates this feature, just open your options window and select the Keyboard Tab. If you select all categories, the entry will be the last one on the list, called Toggle last two targets. This was actually added with our last patch.

8 April 2003 Patch

  • Added Windowed mode for EverQuest front end (from the time you log in until you get into the game); just hit Alt+Enter
  • Use Alt-R to release the mouse from the EverQuest window (note that once in the game, you need to use Alt-Shift-R to release the mouse).
  • And, obviously, Alt-Tab will switch between open programs.
  • Added a Tech button to open Tech Chat in windowed mode only since it opens up a new window for chat
  • Using the "/book" command with no page argument now closes the spellbook if it's already open.
  • Added a "Dump" button to Guild Management window. Pressing it creates a text file in the EQ directory containing a comma-delimited text dump of the Guild Management window. The file name will be the guild name with _ instead of spaces, so a guild named "Legacy of Ykesha" would be a file called Legacy_of_Ykesha.txt.
  • Cross-server tells are now filtered under the "tells" filter like same-server tells, and in the same colors.
  • Music Player volume no longer decreases when zoning.
  • The Journal window and Journal Categories window now close when hitting Escape.
  • Hot button names are once again restricted to eight characters. Being able to make them longer was a bug, and was causing issues with displaying more than eight characters.
  • The scrollbar for the Notes window should now update properly when the window is resized.
  • Added multi-select capability to the Friends List, Music, Journal NPC, Journal Text and Journal Category windows. Shift-click selects groups of items, Control-Click selects individual items.
  • The LFG button in the Group window now toggles the LFG window.
  • Added a "Show Offline" button to the Guild Management window. This determines whether or not you want to show offline people in the window, and the setting is remembered when you log out.
  • If you sort by anything other than Name in the Guild Management window, the window will sub-sort your list by name.
  • Changed the promote button in the Guild Management window to only be enabled when eligible guild member is targeted (not just selected in window).
  • Added /getguildmotd. This command allows you to see your guild message of the day at any time.
  • /guildmotd now sets or clears the guild message of the day. If used with no text, it clears the existing message of the day. Only leaders and officers can use this command
  • When under the effects of invisibility, a character that hides and then moves and breaks their hide also breaks their invisibility. The invisibility icon will now disappear under this circumstance so that the player knows he is no longer invisible.
  • Closing the AA window no longer causes the resurrection notification box to disappear.
  • Updated the category lists in the Bazaar window to be alphabetical.
  • New colors should no longer be moving from the armor dye column to the item tint column when a character is saved.
  • For those that type quickly, typing %t1 now has the same effect as typing %t 1.
  • Language skills now update in the skills window immediately, and the message given upon skill up includes the name of the language improved.
  • Default chat channels should now be saved properly.

23 April 2003

  • Low level characters now memorize and scribe spells much faster.

14 May 2003

  • Packet Loss meter off by default (toggle with F11)
  • Hit Point percentages display in windows - The Target window, Player window and Group window now display hit point percentages. This is something that many player created interfaces use and, considering the popularity of this feature, we've decided to add it to the default interface. In the Target and Group windows, the hit point percentages will disappear if the appropriate target/groupmate does not exist

11 June 2003

  • Shared Bank Vault - We've added two shared bank slots to the interface. These extra bank slots can be accessed by any character on the same account and server. No-Drop and No Rent items can't be placed in these bank slots, and only one of any specific Lore item can exist in the shared bank at any time.
  • Spell Context Menus - This is a new interface menu that will make memorizing spells less tedious. To access the spell menu, just right-click an empty spell gem. This will open a list of spell categories. Point your mouse at a category and a list of spells will be displayed. Select a spell from that list to memorize it in that slot. Your character will sit down, memorize the spell and stand back up.
  • Spell Favorites - Spell favorites are an easy way to memorize a full set of eight spells without the tedious book searching. Right-clicking on the spellbook icon in your spell window will open up the spell favorites menu. You will be able to save your current spell lineup as a favorite, delete a favorite or memorize all the spells in one of your already saved spell sets. You can save as many as ten sets of spell favorites. As with the new spell context menus mentioned above, this will not replace the spellbook, it is meant to make memorizing large numbers of spells more convenient.
  • Spell Descriptions - We have expanded the spell description window. Along with the information that has always been available, we have added an explanation about what the spell does in general that includes damage and duration when appropriate. You can see these new descriptions by right-clicking and holding on the spell scroll, the spell gem in your Spells window, or the spell icon in your spellbook.
  • New Camera - We've added a new camera mode to the game. Lovingly dubbed the EQ Cam, it uses the mouse wheel to allow you to zoom away from your character into a "chase" camera. This only works from first person mode (the default view). Using the mouse wheel you can determine the distance of the camera from your character, or to zoom back into first person mode. When in the chase mode, mouselook turns the character and camera together and you can change the pitch of the camera using the mouse.
  • NPC Names - Many NPCs will be displaying additional titles to make it clearer what their job is. For example, an NPC that sells tailoring supplies may have the title [Tailor Supplies] under their name. This will help folks find the proper merchant. It's analogous to them hanging out their shingle.

10 July 2003 Patch

  • Camera - Added ability to bind cameras to keys in Options window (Alt-O) under the Keyboard tab (select "camera" from the list).
  • Auto-inventory - Items right-clicked off your corpse will now be place into your inventory in the correct order.
  • Spell Favorites - Creating a spell favorite name that matches a name that already exists will cause the new favorite to be saved over the old (whereas before it would create a second list with the same name).
  • Added melee warnings filter

26 August 2003 patch

  • /memspellset # command added
  • added a Platinum slot to the shared bank
  • Clip Plane - The clip plane slider should work more reliably now.
  • added filters for your own pet's messages . Also, the ability to redirect your pet attack messages to any chat window has been added to the chat window context menus.
  • /random messages can now be sent to any chat window you'd like.
  • The Journal Window has been changed to make it easier to use and understand. We've merged the the two information windows into a single window.
  • The Bad Word Filter now filters chat channel text as well as other game text.
  • To make things a little more logical, the /inspect command will allow characters to inspect interactive objects for LDoN, and /toggleinspect allows you to toggle on or off the ability to inspect other player characters using the mouse.
  • We've added a text message on the screen to inform players when they are loading a zone, and what zone they are about to enter.
  • Added numeric background to buttons in the Hot Button window to make it easier to tell which button corresponds to which number key.
  • The Mousewheel zoom is now enabled by default.
  • New installations of EverQuest will default to 1024x768 resolution.

Lost Dungeons of Norrath Release

9 September 2003 patch

  • Context Tips - added a question mark symbol to windows that have help information available.

9 October 2003 patch

  • Find feature added (CTRL+F)
  • The auto-attack key now defaults to Q (not A).
  • Pet buffs are now visible in the pet window.
  • Improved the functionality of the ESC key. Windows close in the opposite order that they were opened.
  • You can now use the (`) key to "Target nearest NPC", in addition to F8.

5 November 2003 patch

  • Added /stoptracking command so that you no longer have to re-open the track window and hit cancel if you want to cancel your tracking quickly.
  • added the consider color to the Target window.
  • We have also added a 3D target indicator._ The ring color indicates the con color of the target._ This can be turned off in the Options window. A new settings file in the UI folder can be edited by players to customize the appearance of the indicator, including different animated textures for each con color and other interesting settings.
  • Added /fontface command (usage /fontface , e.g. /fontface Courier). This will change, on the fly, the fonts used by the interface (and over character's heads). Fonts can also be selected in the General Options page.
  • Added /tell windows. You can turn this option on and off in the Options window.
  • The buff display portion of the pet window will now fade.
  • The Auto-inventory area of the Inventory window now fades with the parent window.
  • The Dump button in raid window now creates the proper, non-blank, file.
  • We have also added time-stamp to Raid Dump output file.
  • Pop-up dialogs no longer close when you press ESC. This will prevent the rez dialog from being closed accidentally.
  • Alt-tabbing in and out of EQ should no longer cause mouse issues.
  • Find trader can now be cancelled in bazaar.
  • Left-clicking on an NPC prints out a message indicating what type of NPC they are and indicating that you should right-click on them. This message can be turned off in the Options window.

18 December 2003 patch

  • Significant enhancement to melee system; several new disciplines added, warriors got mitigation boost, monks can dodge attackers behind them
  • The yellow bar now represents endurance rather than stamina.
  • Items that had the Invigor effect now have Serpent Sight or Ultravision...
  • We have removed the Stamina effects from many spells.
  • Tell windows now log the name of the person sending tells in the chat log.
  • Tell windows now blink when a tell is received, even when the window is not minimized.
  • New spell effects! Just about every spell in the game has been given a new spell effect. (Wiki editor note: this also means spell effects for stamina spells like Invigor that were obsoleted with this patch were removed from the client)
  • We have added a new combat ability windows which allows you to make up to eight hot keys for disciplines and other new melee abilities and displays any current melee effects. The window can be opened by pressing Alt+C. The keys are accessible using either the mouse or Ctrl+1-8.

22 January 2004

  • Tribute system added
  • Berserker class becomes option in char creation screen
  • New tradeskill UI goes live

Gates of Discord Release

27 May 2004

  • new button in the Options->Display tab to toggle between full screen and windows mode
  • new button on bazaar window to hide all traders
  • New text filters added for Pet Crits, Pet Rampage/Flurry, System Messages, Focus Effects, Exp Messages, and Who list
  • new /outputfile command to allow creation of text-file dumps of your Guild, Raid, Inventory and spell books.
  • You now have the ability to "AutoBank" in the Bank Window.
  • Casting a spell while sitting will stand you up.
  • Camping while standing will sit you down automatically.

16 June 2004

  • /guidehelp command added
  • Raid leaders now have the ability to add notes to the raid window.
  • Added MOTD to Raid Window
  • Added /stopcast command - won't work while riding horse
  • Increased range of /corpse command
  • Improved mouselook slider in options window

14 July 2004

  • NPC debuff slots increased from 30 to 50
  • Added ability to display mana as a numeric value on your inventory screen
  • Added ability to mouse over buf icons to see remaining duration

11 August 2004

  • Added adjustable max FPS in Options Window under display settings
  • Added /consent group, /consent raid, /consent guild, /deny group, /deny raid, /deny guild
  • Added Tooltips for status bars (Alt by default)

Omens of War Release

14 September 2004

  • Task window added (Alt+Q)
  • Title selection UI added (Shit+T)
  • Voice Macro UI added (Ctrl+V)
  • Support for 9th spell slot added to client (Mnemonic Retention AA)
  • Support for more buff slots (Mystical Attuning AA)
  • Piercing caps at 250 at level 60 for warriors, rangers, and beastlords
  • 1h Blunt and 2h Blunt now cap at 250 at level 60 for beastlords
  • Improved customization for graphics
  • Zoning screen added

13 October 2004

  • Added option to turn off loading screen when zoning
  • New shadow command added to turn off shadows in text bar (/shadow)
  • Hide / Sneak changed to remain active across zone lines
  • Summoned pets no longer vanish when owner uses invisibility

Dragons of Norrath Release

15 February 2005 Patch

  • Bandolier ('B') and Potion Belt (shift P') introduced
  • EQ Mail system introduced and added to client
  • "M" key now opens map

3 March 2005 Patch

  • Significant changes to the fog and rain settings in all original EverQuest zones

12 April 2005 Patch

  • 2 new keyboard shortcuts in the Command section in the Options menu, Open Inventory Bags and Close Inventory Bags
  • Numerous changes to L1-50 spells (and the levels you get them)

11 May 2005 Patch

  • Veteran Rewards added to client and made available 13 May
  • Mail system enhancements; New address book added to client
  • new Merchant interface window
  • new interface for chat filter

29 June 2005 Patch

  • You can now invite players to your group across zones. We have enabled the ability to use the /invite command with a players name to allow you to invite someone that is not in your current zone.
  • "Auto Consent Group", "Auto Consent Raid", and "Auto Consent Guild" buttons added to the options window
  • There are now system owned, persistent chat channels and players will auto join some of these channels. Players level 20 and under auto join the "NewPlayers" channel, over level 20 auto join "General" and a class specific channel, and there are continent based channels as well. Auto joining channels can be disabled under the options window.
  • The raid window is now available to all players.
  • The LFGroup windows are now available to all players.
  • Line-art mapping is now available for all zones.
  • The advanced display options window has been enhanced substantially.
  • The help window has been merged with the petition window.

13 July 2005 Patch

  • Auto Consent
    • Auto-consent raid, group, or guild will now auto-consent all future and existing corpses. If you turn off auto-consent then consent for your group, raid, or guild will be removed from all existing corpses. Please note that in order for a group member or raid member to be able to drag one of your existing corpses, they had to be in your group or raid at the time your corpse was created. This is the functionality that has always been in place.
  • You can now use the "Enter World" button at character select if you are camped in tutorialb.
  • Merchants' items should now be sort correctly using the Quantity column.

Depths of Darkhollow Release

13 September 2005

  • [EQ] Menu Button
    • We have added new functionality to the UI. The window selector is no longer available. The functionality is now neatly folded and tucked away in the [EQ] Button. Clicking on the [EQ] button will extend a menu that includes the most vital and commonly used screens in the game.
  • There are now 4 Hotbutton windows that can be visible at the same time. Use the Options window to set keys for showing/hiding the windows, as well as setting keys for the individual Hotbuttons in them. Note to skinners, your old skin should work for the single Hotbutton window contained in it, but you'll need to update to see more than 1.
  • Item Links have changed format.
  • Bazaar search results, when the item is viewed, should now show the correct number of charges for charged items.
  • The Task Select window now autoselects the first task in the list.
  • The Guild Management Window level display bug should be fixed.
  • Changing video modes should no longer clear the Find window list.
  • The Find Window now generates a Find path once a target is selected.

12 October 2005

  • A done button has found its way back onto the Merchant Window.
  • Depths of Darkhollow has been added to the atlas.

27 October 2005

  • New Default UI Skin
    • - We have updated the default UI skin with new art and icons! This is the same artwork that has been on display on our Escape to Norrath server ( and our test server. For those of you that prefer to use the old default UI Skin, you can type /loadskin default_old in your chat window and it will allow you to use the old default UI.
  • There is a new filter option on the guild bank to narrow your search.
  • Added a "guildbank" argument to /outputfile, allowing a player to dump the guild bank to disk. NOTE: This can only be used in the Guild Hall.
  • Players should now be able to withdraw items from the Guild Bank deposit area (if they're a Guild Banker).
  • Added Stun and Strikethrough filters/color selectors.
  • Players now have an option in the options window to determine whether or not they want other players to see them with their helm. "Show My Helm"
  • EverQuest now uses the system mouse. While in windowed mode you can freely move the mouse around as you can with any other application running in a window. Mouse pointer customization can be done on a UISkin level. Just make your own .cur files with the appropriate names. (Please see the default directory for the .cur names.)
  • There's a new command to launch a web browser from the chat window. Just type /www and check it out. Also for additional flexibility, /url is available.
  • There's a new command to launch an application. Check out /system for usage.
  • Raid invites can now be done across zones via "/raidinvite name"
  • Bandaging other players will appear to give a healing effect again.
  • Audio Triggers
    • Audio triggers are sound effects that are played when certain patterns appear in the chat window. You can make audio triggers to play any sound you want when something you want to be sure not to miss appears in the chat window. This might be /tells from specific friends, certain buffs fading, or any other event you can think of that has a text message associated with it. The window used to configure your Audio Triggers can be accessed via the EQ button -> Actions -> Audio Triggers. (additional details on audio triggers in original patch message)
  • There is now a button on the Options/Display page to "turn off" your helm?s graphic.
  • You will now see all text color options.
  • If you cancel a coin selection and then attempt to select crystals instead, the crystals will now appear on your cursor and not the coin.
  • You can no longer loot an item from someone else's corpse if you kill them in an arena.

Everquest Titanium Client Built

16 November 2005

  • The GuildManagement window has a new tab "Information", which contains the MOTD fields, as well as two new fields for Guild web URL and Guild channel specification. These new fields are changeable by the Guild leader only.