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Crushbone is the home of Clan Crushbone and their ruler Emperor Crush. Located to the north of Kelethin along the northern wall of The Greater Faydark, Crushbone is the orcs' area where they live and bring their captives to work as their slaves.

A view looking at Castle Crushbone
Level of Monsters: 10-20
Types of Monsters: Orc pawns, Orc Centurions, Orc Legionnaires, Orc Slaver, Orc Oracles, Orc Emissarys, Royal Guard
Notable NPC's: Orc taskmaster, Orc trainer, Orc warlord, Ambassador DVinn, Lord Darish, Retlon Brenclog, Emperor Crush, The Prophet
Adjacent Zones: Greater Faydark
Name in /who: crushbone


Crushbone maps.jpg
  • 1. Camps inhabited by Legionnaires
  • 2. Castle Crush, where Emperor Crush, Ambassador DVinn, Emissaries, The Prophet, and most high levels spawn
  • 3. Slave Cabin, with inhabitants needed for Screaming Mace Quest
  • 4. Slaver Caves, with slaves outside
  • 5. Slave Pits with
  • 6. Trainer Hill ("Where camping was born...")

Safe/Evac Spot

Entrance: (Y) -644.00 (X) 158.00 (Z) 4.00


The zone is inherently dangerous. If you are not at least level 4 then you will want to hunt in Greater Faydark until then. It is recommended to be level 6 to be able to safely hunt here.

There are a few wandering orcs throughout the zone. So once you settle in at your camp you will want to watch out for the wanderers.

Another danger is the number of higher level mobs that there are. close to half the zone is made up of level 10 or higher mobs. So be on the look out for Legionaries, elites, Oracles, Slavers, Taskmaster, D'Vinn, Lord Darish, and Emperor Crush

If there are a lot of people in the zone hunting then this can create a rapid respawn rate. This can overwhelm the lower level groups. This also leads to many trains to the zone line by groups. So if you see "Train to Zone" or something similar over shout you better keep your head on a swivel. The trains have been known to wipe out several groups wandering back to their spots.


Despite the dangers here the benefits are worth the risk. Many of the low level quests in the area, to include the newbie armor quests, require you to go here. One of the most popular quests is to collect the Crushbone belts and Legionnaire shoulderpads to turn into the Warrior guild in Kaladim.

One of the biggest reasons that this zone is a great place to level is the inherent experience bonus. This experience bonus was hard to beat for the longest time. It wasn't until Gloomdeep was released that this zone was a hotspot for experience. It is still a decent place to get quick experience until the low to mid teens before moving on.

There are a number or gear drops for everyone. You can get the Shiny Brass Shield from the orc Trainer or if you want to take you chance you can take on D'Vinn and try to get his Dragoon Dirk.

The zone can accommodate several groups. Camping areas include the entrance (to include Orc Trainer @ 6 on map), wall / slaver pits (outside castle by the bridges and area 5), slavers / tents (numbers 1, 3, and 4), and throne room (2).

Traveling To and From

The only entrance is through the tunnel at the northern wall in The Greater Faydark. If you are at the northern lift (Orc Lift) for Kelethin you simply need to run due north. If you are at Felewithe you will want to run north along the wall and then west once you get to the northern wall of the zone.

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Forageable Items