Dark Elf

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Dark Elf

In Game Description

The Teir`Dal, or Dark Elves, are a twisted reflection of the Elves of light, but are just as lithe and intelligent as their cousins. Their features are often soft and delicate, though the eyes of the Dark Elves betray their darker inclinations. The Dark Elves' skin ranges from blue tones to black and their hair is most often white with some variances. They reach a height of about five feet tall.

Innoruuk, Lord of Hate, created the Teir`Dal and his hatred flows through their veins and moves their black hearts. It runs so deep that the Teir`Dal hate all, including their own kind and their creator.

The Dark Elves view all other races as inferior; tools to be used for their own evil manipulations. Most races fear the Dark Elves. The Teir`Dal would desire the fall of the rest of the Elven world, leaving them broken, eradicated, or enslaved. Though viewed as inferior and dimwitted, Trolls and Ogres are tolerated as they are useful in the Teir`Dal plans for conquest.

There is a labyrinth of evil under the Nektulos Forest called Neriak, the home city of the Dark Elves. Its entrance is deep within gloomy shadows of the woods.

Additional Info

Dark Elves are the epitome of evil in Norrath. Vicious, cruel and extremely intelligent, Dark Elves are perhaps the most feared race in all of Norrath. They are twisted perversions of the Elven race, created by Innoruuk, the Prince of Hate. Dark Elves hate all other races passionately: indeed, their fundamental belief is that through hate, they shall conquer Norrath. The “good” races are pitiful insects meant to be exterminated, while the Troll and Ogre races are tolerated only for their use as tools to further the glory of Neriak. Dark Elves did not take the time to form a logical reaction to Iksar — they simply attack them on sight.

Love, mercy and compassion are pitiful traits displayed by the weak worshippers of other gods. Honor and valor are laughable delusions for those who lack the strength to act ruthlessly. Dark Elves act with cunning and ruthlessness, their motives fueled by the ever-burning hate in their hearts.

In Neriak, the Necromancer rules supreme. Necromancers are feared and respected, as they should be, and rule Neriak from their ghoul- guarded stronghold behind Neriak’s third gate. In other cities, however, Dark Elves are feared and generally killed on sight. Merchants who do not overtly attack Dark Elves will nevertheless refuse to trade with them. Grobb and Oggok are the only other cities where Dark Elves may walk and trade freely.

As children of the shadow, Dark Elves are blessed with ultravision. While the other races stumble blindly in the night, the Dark Elf sees as clearly as if it were the day. Dark Elves also have the innate ability to hide, concealing themselves from sight instantaneously.

Intelligence is one of the Dark Elf’s prime traits. Therefore, Dark Elves make excellent Necromancers, Wizards, Enchanters or Magicians. Although one might think that the path of hatred forbids healing, Dark Elves make very good Clerics. Dark Elves have no ban against healing others — they simply use healing as yet another tool to further the cause of evil. While not superbly strong, Dark Elves nevertheless make formidable Warriors, Shadow Knights and Rogues.

Despite the prejudice against them, Dark Elves are spread throughout Norrath. Some choose to stay within the confines of the evil regions, while others adventure with and “befriend” the good races, using them as tools to further their nefarious goals. Adventurers meeting Dark Elves will find them calculating and confident, for they know that one day they shall rule Norrath.

- Julien Beasley

Class Choices

Cleric 65 75 90 70 99 93 60
Enchanter 60 75 90 65 109 83 70
Magician 60 75 90 75 109 83 60
Necromancer 60 85 90 65 109 83 60
Rogue 60 85 100 65 99 83 60
Shadow Knight 70 75 90 70 109 83 65
Warrior 70 75 95 75 99 83 60
Wizard 60 75 90 75 109 83 60