Disarm Trap

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Allows a rogue to disable environmental traps, making it safe for a group of companions to pass. No trap in the game has a skill check, making this ability nothing short of 100% useless. But, hey, you're still going to max it, aren't you? What else are you going to do with your time?

Skill-up locations

  • There are two fire pots leading to the docks for Overthere barge (Ogre Island) in Timorous Deep.
    • Sense Traps and then Disarm Traps to "disarm" the firepot. In Classic, the Use Centerscreen key (default 'U') also worked.
  • The SolA swinging traps. Clicking on the wood seems to work better than the blade. It's frustrating but doable.
  • The SolB smasher trap is arguably the best place to skill up Disarm Traps. It's big, easy to hit, and you can sit there jamming on the U key to max your skill in about 10-20 minutes.


Patch Changes

Increased timer for traps to remain disarmed April 17, 2001, 1 month into Warrens Era.

  • Disarmed traps will remain disarmed for a somewhat longer time than before to allow larger groups to get past the traps before they go off.
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