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In Game Description

Though made lower to the ground than most races, the Dwarves created by Brell Serillis burst with pride and determination. The stout and sturdy Dwarves are extremely strong, making them one of the best-suited to endure long and intense battles. Dwarves have broad faces, usually with a prominent nose, and take extraordinary pride in their hair. Males often take great care to grow long beards and moustaches and females often tie their hair up in a bun. Some females also sport a finely trimmed beard.

Additional Info

Brell Serilis created the Dwarves, who live in the underground city of Kaladim. Warriors, Clerics, Rogues and Paladins, nearly all of these strong, sturdy beings are loyal to Brell, and allied with his other creations, the Gnomes. They are also friendly with the Elves with whom they share their continent, and helped fund the expedition to Kunark to rescue Firiona Vie.

They have an innate sense of direction, and have more Stamina than most. This makes them hardy Warriors, as they can fight longer and take more punishment. They also excel as Paladins — they are Brell’s only warrior priests. They are unsurpassed as Clerics, for they are wise and strong. Many adventurers feel blessed to have a Dwarven Cleric adventuring alongside them.

Dwarves can also be Rogues, and with their naturally high Dexterity they can Sneak and Hide with the best of them.

Though not pretty to look upon, Dwarves have a certain charm. They excel at drinking; in fact, not a few are master brewers, as a tribute to their heritage. Rumor has it that they consider ale a holy water, and the massive consumption of it is akin to a sacramental blessing. Though the priests deny this, their swaying tends to make some doubt their veracity. Wonderful dancers, they will try to charm any comely youth they come across. Though they can be gruff at times, they are loyal and brave.

Dwarves guard the western shores of Faydwer against their sworn enemies, the Ogres. They have no love for Dark Elves or Trolls either. To further this purpose, they are allied with the Humans of Freeport, and have diplomatic relations with High Pass and Qeynos. The Barbarians, who are more militant than most in their hatreds, find the Dwarven racial biases a refreshing change from the wishy-washy attitudes of other races.

Kaladim exports gems to other cities. Freeport especially buys all the gems they can from their Dwarven neighbors. King Kazom Stormhammer, the current leader of the underground city of Kaladim, is wise, and understands that trade is the best way to cement peaceful relations with other races.

- Ester Ann Sauter

Class Choices

Cleric 95 90 70 95 60 93 45 30
Paladin 100 90 70 95 60 88 55 20
Rogue 90 100 80 90 60 83 45 30
Warrior 100 90 75 100 60 83 45 25