East Commonlands

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The East Commonlands is a large open area that is adjacent to West Freeport, and contains both an area for newbies to train in as well as for adventurers that are more experienced. It is something of a melting pot, like Northern Desert of Ro, because many races mix in the area.

A view of a plague village in East Commons.
Level of Monsters: 1 - 20
Types of Monsters: Decaying Skeletons, Snakes, Fire Beetles, Brown Bears, Shadow Wolves, Pumas, Lions, Lionesses, Orc Pawns, Orc Centurions, Orc Legionnaires, Orc Apprentices, Orc Oracles, Giant Scarabs, Asps, Rattlesnakes, Darkweed Snakes, Skeletons, Zombies, Lesser Mummies, Ghouls, Giant Spiders, Young Kodiaks, Air Elementals
Notable NPC's: Sergeant Slate, Altunic Jartin
Adjacent Zones: West Commonlands, West Freeport, Northern Desert of Ro, The Nektulos Forest
Name in /who: ecommons


Map eastcommons.jpg
  • 1 Orc Camp ("Orc Camp 2")
  • 2 Inn with Alcohol, Cloth Armor, Magician Books, Spell Components, Tiny Daggers, and Gems (Inn 4)
  • 3 Hut with Shields, Food, Herbs, and Compass
  • 4 Inn with Arrows and Nocks, Alcohol, and Cloth Armor (Inn 3)
  • 5 Obelisk with Rangers
  • 6 Orc Camp ("Orc Camp 1") with Lord Shin Ree
  • 7 Inn with Food, Alcohol, and Cloth Armor (Inn 2)
  • 8 Haunted Ruins
  • 9 Empty Hut
  • 10 Plagued Huts
  • 11 Inn with Food, Alcohol, Cloth Armor, and Pottery Supplies (Inn 1), also Baking Supplies
  • 12 Shop with Miscellaneous Weapons and Throwing Weapons
  • 13 Shop with Spell Components
  • 14 Shop with Cleric Trainer

Safe/Evac Spot

(Y) 9.00 (X) -1485.00 (Z) -51.00


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Traveling To and From

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Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide to East Commonlands

Forageable Items

Bestiarum Vocabulum