Eastern Plains of Karana

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The Eastern Plains of Karana is a rough, partly hilly area on the eastern edge of the Plains of Karana. The area is frequented by many of the rarest and most dangerous creatures in all of Antonica, and is connected to the rest of the world only by two narrow mountain passes and one massive bridge. Some intrepid souls make their homes out here amidst the creatures.

A view of a fishing village in Eastern Plains of Karana.
Level of Monsters: 10 - 30+
Types of Monsters: Lions and Lionesses, Lion Patriarchs, Lioness Matriarchs, Rogue Lions, Crag Spiders, Carrion Spiders, Bandits, Highwaymen, Gorge Hounds, War Wolves, Silvermist Wolves, Dark Stalkers, Gnolls, Chasm Crawler, Bullhorn Snake, Spirit Stalker, Gnoll Reavers, Undead Reavers, Griffawns, Evil Eyes, Griffons, Cyclops, Hill Giants, Treants
Notable NPC's: Broon, Proon, Droon, Chief SaNre`Rexsa, Tallus Holton, Sir Morgan, Vexven Mucktail, Emhu Mucktail
Adjacent Zones: The Northern Plains of Karana, Highpass Hold, Gorge of King Xorbb
Name in /who: eastkarana


Map eastkarana.jpg
  • 1. Druid Ring with Druid and Treant
  • 2. Bandit Camp
  • 3. Shops selling Weapons, Food, Goods, and Cloth Armor
  • 4. Sir Morgan (wanders east down the road and back)
  • 5. Shops selling Archery Items and Food
  • 6. Gnolls
  • 7. Haunted Obelisk
  • 8. Farm with farmers
  • 9. Farm with farmers
  • 10. Barbarian Fishing Village

Safe/Evac Spot

(Y) 15.00 (X) 865.00 (Z) -33.00


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Traveling To and From

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Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide to the Eastern Plains of Karana

The expansive Plains of Karana roll on farther than most people in Norrath have ever traveled. Farmers have hard-earned homesteads across the land, and they gather in small communities about a day's walk away from each other. Meanwhile, bandits, gnolls, undead, and hill giants all seam to be in competition to see who can take over the plains first. Of, course, this is practically impossible. even if the farmers weren't as tough as shoe leather, the plains are so large that total domination is nearly unfeasible. Other noteworthy features include an aviak town near the Rathe Mountains, the bridges across the wide, swift Serpent River to the southeast, and the gypsy camp in the north, which caters to those suicidal enough to hunt the nearby griffins.

Forageable Items