Erud's Crossing

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Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide to Erud's Crossing

Erud's Crossing is both the name of the ocean crossing between Odus and Antonica and the name of a small volcanicly dormant island between the two continents. The island serves as a waypoint between destinations. Some marine treasure hunters also use the island as a base of operations to search for ships that crashed ashore during the frequent harsh weather of the crossing.

Erud’s Crossing has but a single island between Odus and Antonica, a volcano that made an island within recent years. This island has been taken by a group of Kerrans who appear to have revolted against those at Kerra’s Ridge, and have a good colony to start a new life. A ship traveling between Qeynos and Erudin has been lost in the area, and hopes were high that survivors might be found. However, as time goes by, this hope diminishes. This island is good for younger to slightly more experienced parties, and is a great break from other areas to get away from the worries of everyday life on a more tropical vacation.

The single dock on the Southeastern side of the island is a stopping point for The Golden Maiden as it heads from Erudin to South Qeynos, as well as The Sea King, as she makes her journey from South Qeynos to Erudin.
A view from the dock of Erud's Crossing
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  • 1. Sunken Haunted Ship
  • 2. Ancient Statues
  • 3. Volcanic Crater
  • 4. Merchant selling Fishing Supplies and Weapons
  • 5. Dock for boat to Erudin

Safe/Evac Spot

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Traveling To and From

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Forageable Items