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In Game Description

The Erudites trace their ancestry back to the great mage, Erud, who led them to Odus. They are descendents of the original humans on Norrath and inherited the best of human intelligence. Their extraordinary acumen came at the price of thinner, more delicate bodies. Erudites reach about six feet tall, with some of that height attributed to their high foreheads.

Unique accomplishments with magic and study have understandably led the Erudites to believe that they are the most intellectually superior race on Norrath. They are known for their serious demeanor.

Most Erudites spend their days absorbed in books and tomes, or magical contemplation, and they typically do not involve themselves in matters that do not directly affect them. They often pay no regard to anyone that hasn't achieved intellectual accomplishment. That in mind, Erudites to not associate with the evil races. Even the Erudite Heretics of Paineel are not fond of Dark Elves, Ogres and Trolls.

Additional Info

The god Mithaniel Marr, The Lightbringer, and his sister Erolissi Marr, the Queen of Love, created the Barbarians together. From the Barbarians came the Humans and from the Humans came the Erudites. They are the most intelligent and magically powerful race in all of Norrath. There are few Erudites that cannot use magic. However, they detest physical labor, and so their bodies tend to remain frail and weak. They came from a society of Humans, led by a man named Erud, who found the civil wars happening between their people barbaric and a step back toward the uncivilized brutishness from which they had arisen.

They fled to Odus, a new land owned by a single race of proud cat-people called the Kerran. They drove the Kerran from their homes and took the land for themselves. They multiplied and began gathering magical artifacts from across the land, to research and expand their powers and minds. They also discovered dangerous dark magics which they labeled forbidden, but the very curiosity that caused the Erudites to explore far and wide to find these magics drove a rebel group to delve into them.

The rebels were lead by a man called Miragul, and they created the fourth school of magic, Necromancy. The Enchanters, Mages and Wizards of Erudin soon found out what Miragul and his students were scheming, and another civil war broke out, much like the ones the Erudites had left behind when they came to Odus. Only this time it was fought with magic rather than with weapons. The casualties were great, and the war ended with a single powerful blast that left a vast hole in the land. The rebels took refuge within the walls of this crater, a terrible reminder of the price for their power. This place is called Paineel. It is very difficult to reach, and all but Necromancers and Shadow Knights are likely to giving up their lives by stepping inside its walls.

The Erudite race is famed for intellectual prowess, and they are revered as the High Men of Norrath. They are rather upscale, and believe themselves to be superior to all other races. This might bring them respect from the world, but certainly not favor.

Erudites are a highly sophisticated and intelligent people. For the most part, they are peaceful, and just wish to be left alone to pursue their scholarly goals. They dwell in the beautiful city of Erudin, a city renowned for its library. Erudites, with their high Intelligence, are most suited to the magic- using classes. They believe physical prowess and muscles to be ugly, and wish no part of them. Erudin is an excellent place to begin a career as a caster, as the city was founded in order to pursue the mystical arts. The other possible Erudite classes — Paladins, Shadow Knights and Clerics (especially) — are all quite rare.

- Jason Mash “Jacinn Masche”

Class Choices

Cleric 65 70 70 75 107 93 70 30
Enchanter 60 70 70 70 117 83 80 30
Magician 60 70 70 80 117 83 70 30
Necromancer 60 80 70 70 117 83 70 30
Paladin 70 70 70 75 107 88 80 20
Shadowknight 70 70 70 75 117 83 75 20
Wizard 60 70 70 80 117 83 70 30