Glorin Binfurr - Hidden Dialogue

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Glorin Binfurr

Down at the docks in Butcherblock Mountains, you can find a handsome female dwarf named Glorin Binfurr. When hailed, Glorin reminds you to keep a weather eye on the horizon to spot the ship to Antonica. She also has some hidden dialogue to keep you busy while you wait.

Easter Egg

You say, 'I love you'

Glorin Binfurr says 'Glorin and ______. We would make a fine couple.'

You say, 'Marry Me'

Glorin Binfurr says 'Why yes I'll marry you ______. We would make a fine couple.'

You say, 'you are ugly'

Glorin Binfurr says 'I believe the word '______' is dwarven for ignorant, smelly skuzz bucket. That's what I hear.'