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The frozen city of Halas is the home of the barbarian northmen. The northmen maintain tight family groups. The city is ruled by a council of village elders. Nearly all barbarians worship and pay homage to the Tribunal, though it is not uncommon for warriors to also pay homage to Rallos Zek. The profession of thief is frowned upon but tolerated, provided other northmen do not become the victim of thieving activity.

Halas' close proximity to Everfrost has encouraged the development of hardened warriors and resourceful shamans. All of Halas' young pupils must endure the harsh, bitter, climate and other dangers of Everfrost almost as a rite of passage. In order to travel back and forth to Everfrost across the frigid waterway that separates from their home from Everfrost, Halasians travel on the raft known as The Gwenavyne.

Taverns abound here, for the lacerating cold of the frigid north is the best quelled at hearthside with soothing glass of the finest barbarian ale.

the foreboding entrance to the city of Halas
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Adjacent Zones: Everfrost Peaks
Name in /who: halas


Map halas.jpg
  • 1. Pit of Doom
  • 2. Satchel merchant
  • 3. Shaman Guild
  • 4. Dok's Cigars
  • 5. The Golden Torc
  • 6. Rogue Guild
  • 7. Bank
  • 8. Mac's Kilts
  • 9. McDaniels Smokes and Spirits
  • 10. McDonald's Supplies
  • 11. McPherson's Bloody Blades
  • 12. McQuaid's Bar and Stout
  • 13. Yee Magik
  • 14. The Bound Mermaid
  • 15. Pottery and Baking merchants
  • 16. Pen with sled dogs

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Traveling To and From

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Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide

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