Jewelry Making

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Jewelry Making allows anyone to fashion jewelry from gems and precious metals. Examples of Jewelry include the golden hematite choker, engagement rings and wedding rings.

You must have a Jewelry Kit for this skill. Jewelry recipes are straightforward. Combine a precious stone with a bar of precious metal to get a piece of jewelry. For a slightly higher investment (of time or money), you can use an enchanted bar to make an enchanted item. Substituting enchanted metals — obtained with the help of an Enchanter, of course — for regular metals allows the jeweler to create stat-buffing items with the same name and appearance as mundanely crafted jewelry.


Item Trivial
Electrum Malachite Bracelet 74
Gold Malachite Bracelet 146
Platinum Malachite Ring 218
Silver Malachite Ring 21
Electrum Lapis Lazuli Earring 76
Gold Lapis Lazuli Earring 148
Platinum Lapis Lazuli Necklace 220
Silver Lapis Lazuli Necklace 16
Electrum Turquoise Engagement Ring 79
Gold Turquoise Engagement Ring 151
Platinum Turquoise Bracelet 223
Silver Turquoise Bracelet 18
Electrum Hematite Choker 82
Golden Hematite Choker 154
Platinum Hematite Ring 226
Silver Hematite Ring 22
Cat Eye Platinum Necklace 228
Electrum Cat Eye Bracelet 84
Golden Cat Eye Bracelet 156
Silver Cat Eye Necklace 24
Electrum Bloodstone Necklace 87
Gold Bloodstone Necklace 159
Platinum Bloodstone Earring 231
Silver Bloodstone Earring 26
Electrum Onyx Pendant 90
Gold Onyx Pendant 162
Platinum Onyx Bracelet 234
Silver Onyx Bracelet 28
Electrum Jasper Earring 92
Jasper Gold Earring 164
Platinum Jasper Ring 236
Silver Jasper Ring 28
Electrum Carnelian Wedding Ring 95
Gold Carnelian Wedding Ring 167
Platinum Carnelian Wedding Ring 239
Silver Carnelian Wedding Ring 32
Electrum Polished Quartz Ring 127
Gold Polished Quartz Ring 211
Platinum Polished Quartz Necklace 252
Silver Polished Quartz Ring 50
Electrum Amber Earring 100
Golden Amber Earring 172
Platinum Amber Ring 244
Silver Amber Ring 36
Silver Wolf's Eye Necklace 38
Wolf's Eye Electrum Bracelet 103
Wolf's Eye Golden Bracelet 175
Wolf's Eye Platinum Necklace 247
Golden Jaded Bracelet 178
Jaded Electrum Bracelet 106
Jaded Platinum Ring 250
Jaded Silver Ring 40
Electrum Pearl Choker 108
Golden Pearl Choker 180
Platinum Pearl Ring 252
Silvered Pearl Ring 42
Golden Topaz Earring 183
Platinum Topaz Necklace 255
Topaz Electrum Earring 111
Topaz Silver Necklace 44
Electrum Peridot Bracelet 114
Golden Peridot Bracelet 186
Platinum Peridot Ring 258
Silvered Peridot Ring 46
Emerald Electrum Bracelet 116
Golden Emerald Bracelet 188
Platinum Emerald Ring 260
Silver Emerald Ring 48
Electrum Opal Amulet 119
Golden Opal Amulet 191
Platinum Opal Engagement Ring 263
Silver Opal Engagement Ring 50
Black Pearl Electrum Choker 122
Black Pearl Platinum Ring 266
Golden Black Pearl Choker 195
Blackened Pearl Silver Ring 52
Electrum Fire Wedding Ring 124
Golden Fire Wedding Ring 196
Platinum Fire Wedding Ring 268
Silver Fire Wedding Ring 54
Electrum Star Ruby Ring 127
Golden Star Ruby Ring 199
Platinum Star Ruby Veil 271
Silvered Star Ruby Veil 56
Fire Emerald Electrum Bracelet 130
Fire Emerald Golden Bracelet 202
Fire Emerald Platinum Ring 274
Silvered Fire Emerald Ring 58
Golden Sapphire Earring 204
Sapphire Electrum Earring 132
Sapphire Platinum Necklace 276
Silvered Sapphire Necklace 60
Golden Ruby Ring 207
Platinum Ruby Veil 279
Ruby Electrum Ring 135
Silver Ruby Veil 62
Golden Jacinth Wedding Ring 218
Jacinth Electrum Wedding Ring 137
Platinum Jacinth Wedding Ring 282
Silver Jacinth Wedding Ring 65
Black Sapphire Electrum Earring 140
Black Sapphire Platinum Necklace 284
Black Sapphire Silvered Necklace 68
Golden Black Sapphire Earring 212
Diamond Electrum Mask 143
Golden Diamond Mask 215
Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring 287
Silver Diamond Wedding Ring 71

Leveling Guide

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