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Being able to dish out a bit more damage during combat is attractive to many of the melee classes in the game, and kicking one's opponent in unpleasant places in between sword swings does just that.

Certain mobs require MAGIC footwear in order for it to work. Warriors will stun enemies with kick starting at L55, which is useful for interrupting spell casts.

Kick shares the same cooldown as Bash, Slam, and Round Kick.


Class Level Available Max Skill
Monk 1 250
Ranger 5 205
Warrior 1 210
Spell: AbjurationAlterationChannelingConjurationDivinationEvocationMeditateSpecialization
Specialize: AbjurationSpecialize: AlterationSpecialize: ConjurationSpecialize: DivinationSpecialize: Evocation
Weapon: Archery1H Slash1H Blunt2H Slash2H BluntPiercing2H PiercingThrowing
Combat: BashBlockDefenseDisarmDodgeDouble AttackDual WieldHand to HandHarm Touch
IntimidationKickLay on HandsOffenseParryRiposteSlamTaunt
Rogue: BackstabApply PoisonDisarm TrapsPick LockPick PocketSense Traps
Monk: Dragon PunchEagle StrikeFeign DeathFlying KickMendRound KickSafe FallTail Rake (Iksar)Tiger Claw
Bard: Brass InstrumentsPercussion InstrumentsStringed InstrumentsWind InstrumentsSinging
Non-Combat: Alcohol ToleranceBeggingBind WoundFishingForageHide (Evade)Sense HeadingSneakSwimmingTracking