List of Everquest Websites

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This page is intended to provide a useful reference for Everquest websites, both historic and still online, whether you're doing research or just have a personal interest.

General Websites

Title URL (or Internet Archive URL) Still Online? Description
Everquest Castersrealm No This was a major Everquest website that started off as a website just for pure caster classes.
Everquest Express No This was probably the first Everquest fan site - brought online during early Beta in 1998. It's owner, Absor, later became a very long-time employee on Everquest 1. Fan fiction from this website is even featured in the 1998 publication, Everquest: The Official Player's Guide.
Everlore No This was another Everquest fan site, in many ways similar to Allakhazam's which among other things can provide historical data on NPC's.
EQAtlas No
EQTraders Yes This is the de factor Everquest tradeskill website that has been around for almost the entire life of Everquest.
EQTradeskills No Alternate tradeskill site that is now only found on the Internet Archive
Illia's Everquest Beastiary No This was a historical, now-defunct, fork from Allakhazam's Magical Realm (which has long been the de-facto crowd-sourced database for Everquest information) focused purely on NPC information. The earliest capture appears to be on 6 December 2000.

Class Websites

Class URL Description
Bard Bards of Everquest
Druid The Druid's Grove
Magician The Mage's Compendium
Monk*/ Monkly Business
Necromancer EQNecro
Rogue The Thieves Cant
Rogue The Safehouse
Shaman The Shaman's Crucible
Shaman EQShaman
Warrior The Steel Warrior
Wizard Graffe's Wizard Compilation