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The purpose of the Firiona Vie Project is to create an era-appropriate EverQuest World server.


Our goal is to create a database of world settings that can be shared with the EQEmu community to help drive support for expansion-based servers. This database will be shared as a snapshot, and the changes that we have made will be incorporated into the ongoing EQEmu PEQ Expansions Project.

Quest Scripts

We have created a consistent repository of quest scripts (this is the code that determines how a non-player character will interact with a player character). This Repository has been made open-source to benefit the users of The FV Project, as well as server operators in the EQEmu Community. We have already uncovered many nuanced NPC interactions that have benefitted multiple EQEmu worlds. We have presented this code in a single programming language, and we have documented this code in an exceptional fashion to help new server operators adapt to the EQEmu Quest API.


It is our intention to document the lore of EverQuest as we progress. We have built this Wiki as a source of truth to provide historical documentation of Norrath to the best of our abilities. Volumes of information have been recovered using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, scouring sites like AllaKhazam, and testing on the live EverQuest servers.


While we are diligently working to create a historical version of the world of Norrath, we will not deliberately insert known era bugs, exploits, or undesirable code into The FV Project. We are also striving to build this world on existing EQEmu Server Source Code, so that modifications to the core server software will not be necessary to make use of the database and scripting that we have created.