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South Qeynos (qeynos)

North Qeynos (qeynos2)

The Surefall Glade (qrg)

The Qeynos Hills (qeytoqrg)


Highpass Hold (highpass)


High Keep (highkeep)


North Freeport (freportn)


West Freeport (freportw)


East Freeport (freporte)


The Liberated Citadel of Runnyeye (runnyeye)


The Western Plains of Karana (qey2hh1)


The Northern Plains of Karana (northkarana)


The Southern Plains of Karana (southkarana)


Eastern Plains of Karana (eastkarana)

Gorge of King Xorbb (beholder)

Blackburrow (blackburrow)

The Lair of the Splitpaw (paw)


Rivervale (rivervale)

Kithicor Forest (kithicor)


West Commonlands (commons)


East Commonlands (ecommons)

The Erudin Palace (erudnint)

Erudin (erudnext)

The Nektulos Forest (nektulos)


Sunset Home (cshome)


The Lavastorm Mountains (lavastorm)


Halas (halas)

Everfrost Peaks (everfrost)

Solusek's Eye (soldunga)


Nagafen's Lair (soldungb)


Misty Thicket (misty)

Northern Desert of Ro (nro)


Southern Desert of Ro (sro)


Befallen (befallen)

Oasis of Marr (oasis)


Toxxulia Forest (tox)

Neriak - Foreign Quarter (neriaka)

Neriak - Commons (neriakb)

Neriak - 3rd Gate (neriakc)


Najena (najena)


The Qeynos Aqueduct System (qcat)

Innothule Swamp (innothule)


The Feerrott (feerrott)


The Temple of Cazic-Thule (cazicthule)


Oggok (oggok)

The Rathe Mountains (rathemtn)

Lake Rathetear (lakerathe)


Grobb (grobb)

The Greater Faydark (gfaydark)

Ak'Anon (akanon)

Steamfont Mountains (steamfont)

The Lesser Faydark (lfaydark)


Crushbone (crushbone)

The Castle of Mistmoore (mistmoore)


South Kaladim (kaladima)

Northern Felwithe (felwithea)

Southern Felwithe (felwitheb)

The Estate of Unrest (unrest)


Kedge Keep (kedge)


The City of Guk (guktop)


The Ruins of Old Guk (gukbottom)


North Kaladim (kaladimb)

Butcherblock Mountains (butcher)


Ocean of Tears (oot)

Dagnor's Cauldron (cauldron)


The Permafrost Caverns (permafrost)


Kerra Isle (kerraridge)

The Arena (arena)


Erud's Crossing (erudsxing)