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Neriak is a dark beautiful city carved out of the very bones of the earth, deep under the forest of Nektulos. The multileveled tunnels that make up the basic connecting structure of Neriak were originally carved by meandering underground rivers that sprang from Lake Neriuss when its levels were higher. Later, they were widened and carved into a beautiful, dark, secret city by the magic of the dark elves, named in their own language as "Teir'Dal." Everything in this city is carved from the same dark stone, but minerals give it different colors. The dark elves are ruled by King Naythox Thex and his queen, Cristanos. Though it is not commonly acknowledged, the kings of the high elves and dark elves share a common lineage, as once all elves were related.

The Foreign Quarter is perhaps the busiest of Neriak's gates, for all young Teir'Dal must pass through here to reach the forest of Nektulos. Similarly, all visitors, quests and returning residents must pass through the Foreign Quarter's slums to reach the more distinguished regions of the city. While this gate is the least guarded and occupied region of the Teir'Dal city, it doesn't mean the city is open to everyone. Those who find themselves on the vast lists of the Teir'Dal's hatred enemies will be killed on sight by the guardsmen of the Indigo Brotherhood. For that matter, many who enter the city of Neriak for whatever reason and are not of Teir'Dal blood or accepted by them are often not heard from again.

Though not highly trusted by the dark elves, the allies of the Teir'Dal, such as the ogres and trolls of the distant swamplands, beyond the Desert of Ro, are welcome in the Foreign Quarter district. Travelers who can safely enter the gates of Neriak without fear of the Indigo Brotherhood's wrath will discover supplies to be plentiful among the shops of Neriak's foreign citizens. Both Cristanos and Naythox hold sway in this district, although the political influence and struggles do not take center stage here; the foreign inhabitants care only for the profit and freedom they are allowed to exercise within Neriak's walls.

The architecture of the Foreign Quarter appears very much like that found in Freeport, with the exception of a few buildings and a single, unattended fountain which are obviously quickly fashioned of Teir'Dal design. Ogres and trolls have also set up their own area in the furthest reaches of the quarter. This area can be identified by pathetic signs and monotonous similarity of their shops.

Overlooking the market in Neriak - Foreign Quarter
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Map neriaka.jpg
  • 1. Guard Hall
  • 2. The Smugglers Inn - Merchants selling Alcohol, Brewing Supplies, Food Items and other goods
  • 3. Silk Underground - Merchants Small and Large Cloth Armor and Sewing Kits, loom.
  • 4. Dranas Bread and Butcher - Merchants selling Food Items and Baking Supplies, Oven outside
  • 5. Slug's Tavern - Merchants selling Alcohol, Food and Other Goods, Brew Barrel outside
  • 6. Market View with Gambel's Greens with Merchant selling Potions and Crystals
  • 7. Merchants who sell Shoes and Bags, as well as Kiln and Pottery Wheel
  • 8. Merchant outside who sells Various Weapons
  • 9. Two Ogres who sell all Blacksmithing books, Large Chainmail Patterns, Weapon Part Molds, File Molds and other Molds
  • 10. Armor Shop selling Large Chainmail Armor and sewing patterns. Forge outside
  • 11. Pig Stickers - Merchants selling Various Weapons, Forge outside
  • 12. Building with secret entrance to Underground and Troll NPC
  • 13. Merchant selling Food and Alcohol
  • 14. Merchants selling Weapons, Shadow Knight Spells
  • 15. PvP Area, Merchants who sell Food and other Goods, Various Weapons, and Alcohol
  • 16. Bites n Pieces - Merchants selling Food Items and other Goods, Oven outside
  • 17. Shinie Tings - Merchant selling Jewelry Metals and Rare Gems

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