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Felwithe is the home to Norrath's Koada'Dal (High Elf) and has bred many an esteemed hero. Paladins and clerics are the pride of this city. Boasting elaborate guildhalls of unrivaled beauty and majesty, together their guilds form the Clerics of Tunare. Travelers who frequent this city, have ample opportunity to purchase Koada'Dal wares and crafts, and imbibe the finest wines in all of Norrath in the hamlet's many taverns.

This royal lakeside hamlet was founded after the destruction of the ancient forest Elddar on the continent of Antonica. It was named after the Koada'Dal hero Alissa Felwithe who led her people to Faydwer in those dark years and helped to secure the Greater Faydark as the new homeland of Tunare's Children.

The city was built by the Koada'Dal with the assistance of dwarves; its construction is a combination of beautiful and delicate magical elf work and earth dwarven labor. Buildings mix unpainted heavy wooden support beams with plain white-washed walls. There is a "fantastic" quality fostered by multicolored paints, the liberal use of gems and precious metals, and mysterious magical carvings.

Many shops, taverns and inns accommodate the constant influx of visitors. These establishments also outfit and supply the steady flow of adventurers that emerge from the guild halls of Felwithe. A crystalline moat surrounds the whole of Felwithe. Just beyond the moat to the South, an enormous white marble gate leads out to the Greater Faydark forest. The passage South can be found beyond the small pond that empties into the moat.

a view of the Paladin Guild Hall from the Northern Felwithe bridge.
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Adjacent Zones: Southern Felwithe, The Greater Faydark
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Map felwithea.jpg
  • 1. Paladin Guild - Merchant selling Various Weapons, Priest of Discord, Secret Tunnels to Ramparts, Soulbinder outside
  • 2. Tovanik's Venom - Merchant selling Alcohol, Brew Barrel
  • 3. Traveller's Home - Inn
  • 4. Shop of All Holos - Merchants selling Food and other Goods, Cloth Armor and Boots, Gems, Mithril Ore and Chainmail Patterns
  • 5. Beyond Faydark - Merchant selling Food and other Goods
  • 6. Cleric Guild, Merchants selling Blunt Weapons
  • 7. Faydark's Bane - Merchants selling Swords, Fletching and Sewing Kits, Fletching Supplies, Leather Armor and Patterns, Pottery Wheel and Kiln outside
  • 8. Emerald Armor - Merchants selling Chain and Plate Armor, Blunt and Sharp Weapons, and Shields of all types, Weapon Molds, Shield Molds, Plate Molds, Koada'Dal Forge inside
  • 9. Felwithe Keeper - Bank
  • 10. Bait and Tackle - Merchant selling Fishing Supplies
  • 11. Felwithe Fish House - Merchant selling Food and Drinks, outside Oven and Merchant who sells Jewelry Metals and Rare Gems

Safe/Evac Spot

Succor point : X (94) Y (-25) Z (3)


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Traveling To and From

Felwithe's entrance lies due east of the pass from the Butcherblock Mountains, along a path that winds its way around the periphery of Greater Faydark. Lesser Faydark is through a pass halfway between Butcherblock and Felwithe, and there are a set of transportation towers along that path.

To the northwest of Felwithe lies the wood elf home of Kelethin, and north of that lies the lair of the Crushbone Orcs.

Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide

Felwithe is an anagram for White Elf.

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