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Located in the dense jungles of Feerott region and tucked into a cavernous, rocky area, Oggok appears to be, at first glance, a rather ordinary group of small, rough caves. Once inside, however, a maze of tunnels and caverns opens up.

The city of Oggok was built shortly before Murdunk's tragic fall in Lake Rathetear and the defeat of Zek's primal empire upon Norrath. The original founders of the city were not directly affected by the curse imposed upon Zek's mortal creations. However, the first-born children of these settlers immediately showed signs of the horrible curse. Generations passed, and the last of the "pure" ogres faded out of memory.

The city's original structures were soundly engineered and covered with intricate tribal carvings that paid tribute to their great heroes and legends. Unfortunately, the new, cursed ogres were incapable of the quality craftsmanship of their ancestors. As eras passed, the city of Oggok became transformed to resemble its new, brutish inhabitants. The grand archways, arenas, statues, stone-carved murals and pillars were replaced by stone slabs piled atop one another. Today, merely a few remnants of the Oggok of old can be seen by the keen-eyed visitor.

The modern city of Oggok is still quite bustling, housing many taverns, inns, a bank, and three guild houses. The city of Neriak is Oggok's trade partner and is a source of prosperity despite the blatant economic advantage the Teir'Dal take of these dim-witted behemoths. Such exploitation goes on without notice by the ogres, which is fortunate indeed for the comparably frail Teir'Dal knights. In general, Oggok is a place most non-ogres pray they never see. Ogres are brutal, but have a strong sense of tradition – and a twisted sense of honor.

a view of the Greenblood shrine
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Adjacent Zones: The Feerrott
Name in /who: oggok


Map oggok.jpg
  • 1. Shaman Guild
  • 2. Ambassador K'Ryn
  • 3. Merchants with weapons and armor, forge
  • 4. Merchant selling food / drink, pottery wheel and kiln
  • 5. Merchant selling tailoring supplies, loom
  • 6. Merchant selling shields
  • 7. Merchant selling weapons
  • 8. Merchant selling containers
  • 9. Priest of Discord
  • 10. Merchant selling fletching supplies
  • 11. Merchant selling food / drink
  • 12. Merchants selling food, oven
  • 13. Shadowknight Guild
  • 14. Merchant selling leather and cloth armor
  • 15. Merchant selling chain and plate armor
  • 16. Shaman Guild
  • 17. Merchants selling Alcohol, brewing supplies, brew barrel
  • 18. Warrior Guild
  • 19. Bank

Safe/Evac Spot

X: -99 Y: -345 Z: 4


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Traveling To and From

Oggok is found deep in the steamy jungle of The Feerrott.

Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide

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