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This skill allows you to attempt to steal an item or coin from an enemy's pockets.



A failed attempt at pick pocketing will cause the NPC to say the message.

"Stop, thief! <your_character_name>"

A few critical notes on pick pocketing:

  • You can't Pickpocket with attack on.
  • You can't pickpocket magic items. That excludes a lot.
  • You can't pickpocket wielded items.
  • You can only pick pocket enemies internally tagged as Humanoid. It's not always clear which mobs are humanoids, even if they have a humanoid body shape. Slimes in City of Mist (and other zones) are humanoid tagged and able to be stolen from, for example. Undead mobs, even if they have humanoid body types and similar living variants, such as undead frogloks and living frogloks, are unable to be stolen from.
  • You can only successfully steal from enemies below level 51 or 50. You may still trigger "Stop, thief! <name>" messages on mobs above level 50 but that is not an indicator that they can be stolen from, it only means you got a critical failure on your pick pocket skill check.
  • It doesn't always work, even if it's maxed. Pick Pocket is not some magical shortcut to riches.
  • Pick pocket does work on gems however it is considered bad form to steal all the gems in a group. Don't be surprised if your group objects. Don't be surprised if they accuse you of stealing, either, even in camps where the enemies are unable to be stolen from, such as the NGE camp in Sebilis; direct them to this wiki entry if they complain.
  • The skill maximum is capped at (your level * 5 + 5)


  • Pick pocket can be skilled up on any monster that can be stolen from, regardless of con. So, for example, you can pick pocket a level 1 goblin indefinitely (even after you take all its items) for skillups.
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