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A Pottery Wheel

Pottery allows people to craft clay into pottery. Examples of hand-made pottery include the small bowl, small clay container and clay deity.

You must have a Pottery Wheel and Kiln for this skill.

Pottery is produced in two stages. In the first stage you combine the appropriate sketch and a vial of water with clay and other materials on a pottery wheel. You then take the unfired result and combine it with firing sheets in the kiln to make a finished product. Remember, firing sheets go in the kiln and everything else goes on the pottery wheel. At least for lower-level recipes, and where only skill-ups are desired, it may be more effective to focus exclusively on the pottery wheel. Higher level results may be profitable, so check each recipe before skipping the firing step, or destroying the non-sellable results.


Item Trivial
Medium Clay Jar 0
Medium Clay Jar 0
Medium Bowl 0
Pot 15
Small Bowl 15
Pie Tin 15
Mixing Bowl 15
Large Bowl 15
Ceramic Lining 17
Lined Poison Vial 17
Poison Vial 17
Unfired Skewers 21
Muffin Tin 35
Unfired Ceramic Lining 36
Skewers 38
Cake Round 38
Animal Shaped Cookie Cutter 40
Barbarian Shaped Cookie Cutter 40
Gnome Shaped Cookie Cutter 40
Troll Shaped Cookie Cutter 40
Smoker 50
Unfired Pot 56
Unfired Smoker 82
Unfired Animal Shaped Cookie Cutter 102
Unfired Barbarian Shaped Cookie Cutter 102
Unfired Gnome Shaped Cookie Cutter 102
Unfired Troll Shaped Cookie Cutter 102
Unfired Small Bowl 102
Unfired Pie Tin 115
Unfired Cake Round 115
Unfired Medium Bowl 122
Unfired Muffin Tin 122
Unfired Mixing Bowl 128
Unfired Large Bowl 148
Unfired Poison Vial 148
Unfired Lined Poison Vial 168

Leveling Guide


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